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First information for the 2019 annual reunion lunch is on the Annual Lunch page.

In September 1907 the gates opened to what was then the Camden Secondary School for boys; later the name was changed to Holloway. In 1909 a group of boys on leaving the school decided to form a football team and in so doing, created the Old Camdenians Football Club. Over the next few years an old boys association grew through the efforts of former pupils and the school staff, called the Old Camdenians Club.
Membership is automatic for every pupil at the school, with members of staff, past and present, also eligible and most welcome to join. There is no fee or charge.

If you wish to be added to our mailing list please forward your email address, postal address (for backup purposes only) and the years you attended the School to me, Peter Sumpter, at OCC@holloway.islington.sch.uk

We welcome all Old Camdenians, new members are listed here.

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