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David Aaronavich

Actor, ‘The Whistleblowers’ TV Series 2007

Owen Aaronovitch

Actor, 'Prime Suspect' 1991, 'Touch of Frost' 2004, 2006, 'Cracker' 1995, 'The Bill' 1995, 'Heartbeat' 1996, 'Strange But True' 1996, 'Emmerdale' 1996, 'Hillsborough' 1996, 'New Voices' 1997, 'Coronation Street' 1997-8, 'Reckless' 1997, 'Sunnyside Farm' 1997, 'Harry Hill' 1998,  'Holby City' 2003, 'The Courtroom' 2004, 'Doctors' 2008, 'The Tudors' 2010, 'Brothers of War' 2015, theatre: 'The Great Gatsby', 'The Hunchback of Notre Dame', 'Pinocchio', 'Robin Hood',  'The Waltz', 'Red Dust Blue Dreams', 'Casualties', 'Breaking The Silence', 'Moby Dick', 'Dr. Fosters' and 'The Ladykillers' (USA),

Anthony Allen

‘The Bill’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Casualty’ ‘The Guilty’ mini TV series, ‘Hellraiser’ 1987, ‘Flame’ 1975, ‘The Mafia Girls’ 1969, ‘Because of the Cats’ 1973

Ronnie Ancona

Comedienne & actress, former Art Teacher 1992-4

Eddie Arram

Board Member of the Warehouse Theatre

Paul Barnes


Roy Beckwith

Started theatre/drama group in Huntingdon

Mark Burdis

‘Shades of Greene’ 1975, ‘Couples’ 1975, ‘Play For Today’ 1975-6, ‘Backs To The Land’ 1977, ‘Esther Waters’ 1977, ‘Never Never Land’ 1980, ‘The Enigma Files’ 1980, ‘Time of My Life’ 1980, ‘Grange Hill’ 1981-5, ‘Bless Me Father’ 1981, Pip in ‘Great Expectations’ BBC, ‘The Bill’ 1997, 2001, ‘Summer Season’ 1985, ‘Only Fools & Horses’ 1985, ‘Ellis Island’ 1984, ‘Screen Two’ 1986, ‘Lenny Henry Tonite’ 1986, ‘This is David Lander’ 1988, 'Colin’s Sandwich’ 1988, ‘The Country Boy’ TV Mini Series 1989, ‘No Strings’ 1989, ‘Second Thoughts’ 1992, ‘Birds of a Feather’ 1993, ‘Touch of Frost’ 1994-5, ‘London’s Burning’ 1989, ‘The Country Boy’ 1989, ‘Mike Bassett, England Manager’ 2001, ‘Love, Honour & Obey’ 2001, ‘Final Cut’ 1998, ‘Operation Good Guys’ TV Series 1997-2000, ‘ID’ 1995, ‘The Krays’ 1990, ‘The McGuffin’ 1985, ‘Clockwise’ 1986, ‘The Afternoon Play’ (2003), ‘Out of The Frying Pan’ (2001), ‘Criminal Practice’ (2001), ‘Blackhearts in Battersea’ 1996, ‘The Roman Mysteries’, ‘The Runner’ 1992, ‘Thieves Like Us’ TV Series 2007, ‘The Real Arnie Griffin’ 2003, ‘Barnet Shuffle’ 2008, ‘The Wee Man’ 2013, ‘Still Waters’ 2014, Theatre: ‘A Slice of Saturday Night’, ‘The Good Woman of Sichuan’, won the Rowena Roberts Comedy Award 1986

Frank Francelli

Theatre Director

Gary Hailes

‘Eastenders’ 1986-9 played Barry Clark, ‘Grange Hill’ 1985, ‘Woodentop’ 1983, ‘Contact’ 1985, ‘The Bill’ 1983, ‘Sorry’ 1981, ‘The Killing Zone’ 1999, ‘Small Time Obsession’ 2000, ‘Waiting For A Killer’, ‘Murder With Mirrors’, ‘The Next Seven Days’, ‘Possession’, ‘Soldiers of Love’, ‘Only Human’, ‘Parents in Partnership’, ‘Ghostlands’, ‘Nobody’s Hero’ 1982, ‘Sorry’, ‘Pinochio’, ‘Born and Bred’ 1980, ‘The Witches and the Grinnygog’ 1983, ‘Storyboard’ 1983, ‘Screen Two’ 1985, ‘This Man Is The One’ 2006, ‘Casualty’ 2010, Theatre: ‘Strip Poker’, ‘Doctor On The Boil’, ‘Gollocks’ and lots of pantomime 

Tony Halfpenny

‘Young Woodley’, ‘Eyes of Fate’ 1933, ‘The Gay Lady’, Boswell & Johnson’s Tour of the Western Isles’ 1993

Martin Holleran

Mike Holloway

‘The Tomorrow People’, appeared in ‘You Must Be Joking’, ‘The Minder’ 1984, ‘Pauline’s Quirkes’, ‘Fanfare’, Theatre: ‘Joseph & His Technicolour Dreamcoat’ (2004), ‘Dr. Who: Other Lives’ (2005), ‘Stardust’, ‘A Slice of Saturday Night’, ‘The Good Woman of Sichuan’, won the ‘TV Times Personality of the Year Award’ 1976

Ronald Hynd

Choreographer ‘Ice Ballets’ for John Curry 1977

Jack Kapron

West End Theatre

Harold Martin

Member of Tavistock Players, Canonbury Tower Theatre renovation

Bill Penny

Film crew, ‘Operation Dumbo Drop’ 1995?

Frederick Pyne

Mark Skilbeck in ‘Emmerdale Farm’, ‘Thirty Minute Theatre’ 1972, ‘The Three Princes’ 1968, ‘Talking To A Stranger’ 1966, ‘The Dance of Death’ 1968, ‘An Affair of Honour’ 1972, ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ 1971, ‘The Dance of Death’ 1969, Theatre: ‘Open Air’ 1988, ‘Calendar’ 1988

Barry Purchese

Actor, ‘Stone’ 1974, ‘The Big Sleep’ 1978

Gerald Rowland

'A Career in Communications’ 1971, ‘Public Eye’ 1971 (TV Series),  ‘The Beater and the Game’ (1971), ‘Menace’ (TV series) 1970, ‘Trespasser’ (1970), ‘Confession’ (TV Series) 1970, ‘The Wind Blew Her Away’ 1970, ‘Deep End’ 1970, ‘Cromwell’ 1970, ‘Comedy Playhouse’ series 1970, ‘The Jugg Brothers’ 1970, ‘BBC Play of the Month’ 1968, ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ (1968), ‘King of the River’ (TV Series) 1966, ’A Beautiful Pea-Green Boat’ (1966), ‘Sergeant Cork’ 1963-1966 (TV Series), ’The Case of the Chelford Changeling’ (1966), ‘The Case of the Pious Patriarch’ (1964), ‘The Case of the Hangmans Noose’ (1964), ‘The Case of Ella Barnes’ (1963), ‘Frankie Howerd’ 1966 (TV Series), ‘ Blackmail 1965 (TV Series), ‘Snakes and Ladders’ 1965, ‘Steptoe and Son’ 1965 (TV Series), ‘And Afterwards at...’ (1965), ‘Write a Play’ 1965 (TV Series), ‘Hail to the Queen & The Blue Flower’ (1965), ‘The Changing World & The Compartment’ (1965), ‘Four Minutes to... & ‘The Frog Ling’ (1965), ‘The Witch of the New Forest’ & ‘The Basnji’ (1965) , ‘The Golden Feather’ & ‘Treasure Hunt’ (1965) , Thursday Theatre 1964 (TV Series), ‘A Day by the Sea’ (1964) Esther Waters (TV Series) 1964, ‘Starter's Orders’ (1964), ‘Mateo Falcone’ 1964 (TV Movie), ‘Fortunato’ 1964, ‘The Hidden Truth’ 1964 (TV Series), ‘The Achilles Heel’ (1964), ‘The Barnstormers’ 1964 (TV Series), ‘Z Cars’ 1963 (TV Series), ‘Emergency-Ward 10’ 1963 (TV Series), ‘William’ 1963, (TV Series), ‘William the Peacemaker’ (1963), ‘Citizen James’ (TV Series) 1961, ‘The Bun House Wedding’ 1961 (TV Movie)

Cyril Turney


David Vorhaus

‘Not Tonight Darling’ 1971

Gary West

‘East Enders’, ‘Beyond The Sea’

Gary Whelan

(‘ITV Playhouse’ 1979, ‘Minder’ 1980, ‘Angels’1980-1, ‘Blood Money’ (TV Series 1981, ‘Strangers’ (TV Series) 1981, ‘Union Castle (TV Series) 1982,‘Babylon’ 1983, ‘One Up On Two’ (TV Series) 1983, ‘Pig In The Middle’ (TV Series) 1983, ‘Chess Game’ (TV Series) 1983, ‘Up the Elephant and Round the Castle (TV Series) 1983, ‘One By One: ‘Blood, Toil, Tears and Spit’ 1985, East Enders 1985-7, ‘The Alamut Ambush’ 1986, ‘C.A.T.S. Eyes’ (TY Series) 1986,‘Hideaway’ (TV Series) 1986, ‘Zoeken naar Eileen’ 1987,‘Game Set and Match’ (TV Series) 1988, ‘Dear Sarah’ (TV Movie) 1989, ‘The Gift’ (TV Mini Series) 1990,‘Shoot To Kill (TV Movie) 1990, ‘Prime Suspect’ 1991, 2011, ‘Brookside’ 1991,‘Bernard and the Genie’ TV Movie 1991, ‘The Bill’ 1992-5, ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’ (TV Series) 1993, ‘Total Cops’ 1993, ‘Timewatch’ 1995,‘Kavanagh QC’1995, ‘Ballykissangel’ 1996-2001, ‘The Ambassador’ TV Series 1998‘S Club 7 in Miami ’ TV series 1999-2000, ‘The Ambassador’ (TV Series) 1999,‘In Deep’ (TV Series) 2002, ‘In Deep’ 2002, ‘Perfectly Frank’ 2003, ‘TheRoyal’2003, ‘My Uncle Silas’ 2003, ‘Glencoe’, ‘My Uncle Silas II’ 2003,HolbyCity’ 2005-9, ‘Casualty’ 2005, ‘Diamond Geezer’ 2005, ‘Fair City’ 2005, ‘DiamondGeezer’ 2005-7, Casualty/Holby City Christmas Special’ 2005, ‘Goldplated’ 2006Channel 4,‘Trial And Retribution’ (TV series) 2009, ‘Amber’ 2014 Feature Films:‘Spoilt Broth’ 2010, ‘A Short Film About Nothing’ 2010, ‘Telstar: The Joe Meek Story’ 2008, ‘The Contract’ 2006, ‘Beyond The Sea’ 2004, ‘A Flight of Fancy’ 2004, ‘Villa des Roses’2002, ‘Trigger Street’ 2002,‘Total Cops’ 2001, ‘The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life 2000, ‘Michael Collins’1996, ‘Cry Freedom’ 1995, ‘Moll Flanders’ 1995, ‘Paper Marriage’ 1992 ‘Papierowe malzenstwo’ 1992, ‘Curse of the Pink Panther’ 1983, ‘Ascendancy’ 1983, ‘The Trail of the Pink Panther’ 1982, Theatre: ‘Educating Rita’, ‘Sus’, ‘Bloody Hero’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Richard II’


Norman Blamey R.A.

Painter: work exhibited at Tate Gallery, Royal Academy

Joe Brock

Painter & illustrator: work exhibited at Essex, Barnet, Herts regional exhibitions

Steve Callaghan


Leonard Daniels

Painter: trained at Royal College of Art, exhibited at Royal Academy)

Charles Fulbrook

Classical percussionist, member of City of London Sinfonia, English Baroque Soloists, The King's Consort, The Orchestra of the Age Of Enlightenment, The Sixteen, all major London orchestras, Capricorn, the English Chamber Orchestra, the London Sinfonietta, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the Stuttgart Barockorckester, recorded: ‘Essental Handel’, ‘Tavener Innocence’, ‘Bryars: Three Viennese Dances’, ‘Martinu Concertos’, ‘Sea Change’, "L'Oiseau Lyre" Mozart Symphonies with AAM and Christopher Hogwood, the EBS with Sir John Eliot Gardiner, the Italian romantic operas with Ricardo Muti and the Philharmonia Orchestra, Britten, ‘Death in Venice’, ‘Albert Herring’, ‘Noye's Fludde’, ‘Rape of Lucretia’, ‘Prince of the Pagodas’, various John Rutter/Cambridge Singers CDs, ‘Picking of Sticks’, ‘Façade’, and many more credits, took part in many world premiers, including Britten’s ‘Death in Venice’ ‘Xenakis’ and ‘Slow Frieze’ Sir Harrison Birtwistle, timpani professor at Trinity Laban);

Sidney C. Hutchison MVO, CVO

Librarian, Hon. Archivist, Antiquary: Royal Academy, Secretary Royal Academy, Sec: E. A. Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural painting, (& later Scholarship Fund), E. Vincent Harris Fund for Mural Decoration, Richard Ford Award Fund, President Southgate Society of Arts, Fellow Asso. of Art Historians), Librarian Royal Academy

Albert Irvin R.A.

Painter: work in collections at the V&A, Tate Gallery, Royal Academy, Arts Council, British Council, solo exhibitions in London, Scotland, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, prize-winner John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 1982, Korn/Ferry International Premier Award, Royal Academy 1989, Giles Bequest Prize, V&A, British Museum 1986, Gulbenkian Award for Printmaking 1983

Reg Langford

Angus (Frederick) McBride

Illustrator/commercial artist

Leonard Charles Renton

Exhibited at the Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition)

Christopher Stone

Sculptor and painter, exhibited in UK, Belgium, Eire, Spain, Germany, France, USA, and has works in private and public collections in Berlin, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Malaga, Ibiza, Cape Town, Edinburgh, London and in France at Saint Fragou and Bressuire Castle. Voted in ‘Top 100 professionals 2013’ by The International Biographical Center, Cambridge, UK.

Edmund Tillotson

Solo Exhibitions 1976-1994 Acme Gallery, London; Spectro Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne; Northern Center for Contemporary Art; Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Selected Group Exhibitions 1962-2016, London: Young Contemporaries, London Group, Grosvenor Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, JPL Fine Art, Curwen Gallery, South London Gallery, ICA, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Academy UK: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; Portland Sculpture Park, Dorset; Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh; Third Eye Center, Glasgow; Dovecot Art Center, Stockton on Tees; Design Works Foundation, Gateshead, International: Gallery F15, and Bergen Kunstforening, Norway; Hall of the Artists, and Surikov Institute, Russia; REGA, Latvia; Tampere Museum, Finland; Groningen, Netherlands; Galeri 28, and Universitatea de Vest Timisoara, Romania; Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Austria; Penrith Regional Gallery, and Lewens Art Gallery, Australia, US: University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA (Juror Award 2015, Residencies 1984 Artist in Residence, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, sponsored by Northern Arts, Hartlepool, Collections: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK; London University, Birkbeck College, London, UK; Northern Arts Association, Newcastle, UK; Northern Center for Contemporary Art,Sunderland, UK; University of Sunderland, Sunderland, Private Collections: Various, in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Richard Turner

Exhibited in UK, France, Australia, Lindbergh Arts Foundation in Muizenberg, South Africa.

Keith Tyler

Painter, engraver & potter, Organiser of Art & Art Crafts for the County of Cheshire.

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