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Writing (Books)

Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch: 'The October Man' 2019, 'False Value' 2019, 'Lies Sleeping' 2018, 'Water Weed' 2018, 'The Furthest Station' 2017, 'Body Work' 2016, 'Bernice Summerfield: Treasury' 2018, 'A Rare Book of Cunning Device' 2014 (audible book), Rivers of London, 2011 (known as Midnight Riot in US) (2011), Moon Over Soho 2011, Whispers Underground, 2012, Broken Homes, 2013, Foxglove Summer (released October 7, 2014), The Hanging Tree, Genius Loci, 2007, Doctor Who novelisations: Doctor Who: New Adventures, Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks, 2013, Ein Wispern unter Baker Street: Roman (co-authored) 2013, Der böse Ort (co-authored) 2014, So Vile A Sin, (co-authored) 1996, Transit, 1992, Galaxy National Book Award nomination for New Writer of the Year Award 2011, won second prize in fantasy category of Der Leserpreis (Germany), books translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese),

David Aaronovitch

‘The Hutton Inquiry and its Impact’ (Co-Editor) 2004, ‘Paddling to Jerusalem’ 2000, ‘Voodoo Histories’ 2009.

Eric Montgomery Andrews

The Writing On The Wall: The British Commonwealth & Aggression of the East 1931-35, 1987; The Department of Defence 2001.

Edwin Ardener

‘Coastal Bantu of the Cameroons. The Kpe-Mboko, Duala-Limba and Tabga-Yasa groups of the British and French trusteeship territories of the Cameroons’ 1956, ‘Divorce and Fertility: an African study’ 1962, ‘Plantation and Village in the Cameroons. Some economic and social studies’ 1960 (co-author with wife Shirley), ‘Social anthropology and Language’. 1971 (Ed), ‘Kingdom on Mount Cameroon; studies in the history of the Cameroon coast 1500-1970 (Ed), ‘The Voice of Prophecy and other essays’ 2007, (Ed Malcolm Chapman), ‘Coastal Bantu of the Cameroons’ 2017.

Edward Benedict Bangerter

(co-editor) A Handbook of British Flowering Plants, 1955; British Herbaria (co-compiler), 1957.

John Barber

‘The Camden Town Murder’ 2007, Ebooks: ‘A Little Local Affair’ 2011, ‘An Echo From The Green Field’ 2011, ‘Insults – Old, New, Borrowed, Blue’ 2011, ‘McNally’s Last Case’ 2011, ‘Quote Sport Unquote’ 2011, ‘Return To Fordhamton’ 2011, ‘The 1980’s Quiz Book’ 2011, ‘The Tunnels of Hertford’ 2011, ‘The Last Resort’ 2011, ‘Colours of the Underground’ 2012, ‘The Cricket Club Murders’ 2013, ‘Seven Days in May’ 2014, ‘Childhood Eczema’ 2012, ‘Notes from the Stage Manager’s Box’ 2012, ‘The Wicked Lady’ 2014, ‘Fifty Business Ideas’ 2013, ‘Christopher Marlowe - the man who wrote Shakespeare’ 2012, ‘How to Approach a Risk Assessment for Event Managers’ 2012, ‘So! You Want to be British’ 2012.

Ernest Beha

Beating The Book, 1954; Systems For Profit, 1955; Big Ben 1859-59, 1959; A Comprehensive Dictionary of Freemasonry, 1962.

Maxim Bruckheimer

Background to Set & Group Theory, 1964; Mathematics: A New Approach, Modular Arithmetic: Teachers Book 1971, (all co-authored, with D.E. Mansfield former Head of Maths at Holloway School); Correlation, 1972; Index Numbers, 1970; Samples Inspection, 1971; Mathematics For Technology: A New Approach (co-authored); translated two books Visual Topology & History of Mathematics 1977 from German.

Duncan Burn

Economic History of Steel Making 1867-1939, 1940; The Structure of British Industry, 1957; The Steel Industry 1939-59, 1961; (4 further books from 1967-78 on free trade, & the nuclear industry).

Bruce I. Burnett

Herbwise: Growing Cooking Wellbeing 2002.

Maurice Burton

'Hexactinellida' 1928, 'Sponges' 1929, ‘The Glorious Oyster (co-editor) 1929, ‘The Story of Animal Life’ 1949, ‘Snow White: The story of a Polar Bear Cub’ (Ed.) 1949, ‘Birds of the Wayside and Woodland’ (co-editor) 1952, 'Animal Courtship' 1953, 'The Ass' 1953, ‘Wild Life of the World’ 1956, ‘Eels’ (co-author) 1956, ‘Die Kindeit der Tiere’ 1957, ‘British Mammals' 1958, 'Birds' 1961, 'Bird Families' 1962, ‘Birds of the World’ 1962, ‘A Revision of the Classification of the Calcareous Sponges’ 1963, ‘Young Animals’ 1964, ‘The International Wildlife Encyclopaedia’ 1969, 'Animal Partnerships’ 1967, ‘My Own Book of Birds’ 1967, ‘Purnell’s Encyclopaedia of Animal Life’ (Ed.) 1968, ‘The Shell Natural History of Britain’ 1970, ‘Struggle For Survival in the Bush’ 1970, ‘Animal Comrades & Companions’ (Ed.) 1971, ‘Animal Explorers & Wanders’ (Ed.) 1971, ‘The Observer’s Book of Wild Animals’ 1971, ‘Nature: The Realm of Animals & Birds’ (ed.) 1971, ‘Maurice Burton’s World of Nature’ 1971, ‘The Life of Birds’ 1972, ‘The World Beneath the Sea’ (co-author) 1972, ‘The Hedgehog’ 1973, ‘The Sixth Sense of Animals’ 1973, ‘Animals of Europe’ 1973, 'The True Book of Prehistoric Animals 1974, ‘Deserts’ 1974, ‘Encyclopaedia of Animals in Colour’ (Ed.) 1974, ‘All Colour Book of Baby Animals’ (Ed.) 1974, ‘Maurice Burton’s The Daily Telegraph’ Nature Book’ 1975, ‘Encyclopaedia of Reptiles, Amphibians & other Cold-Blooded Animals’ (co-editor) 1975, ‘How Mammals Live’ 1975, ‘Guide to the Mammals of Britain & Europe’ 1976, ‘The Superbook of Wild Animals’ 1977, ‘The Superbook of Birds’ 1977, ‘Just Like An Animal’ 1978, ‘Snakes, Crocodiles & Lizards’ 1978, ‘A Zoo At Home’ 1979, ‘Baby Animals’ 1979, ‘The Wonderful World of Nature’ (co-editor) 1979, ‘The New Larousse Encyclopaedia of Animal Life’ (co-editor) 1980, ‘Insects & Their Relatives’ 1984, ‘Cold-Blooded Animals’ 1985, ‘The Life of Reptiles & Amphibians’ 1990, ‘The Little Brown Encyclopaedia of Animals’ 2000, ‘Encyclopaedia of Insects and Invertebrates’ (Ed.) 2002, & ‘The Life of Meat Eaters’ 1973 & ‘Beginnings of Life’ 1986 (co-authored with his son Robert Burton).

Peter Le Cheminant

Beautiful Ambiguities: An Inside View of the Heart of Government, 2001

Bernard Chibnall

The British Film Guide, 1976; The Use of Film In University Teaching, 1973; The Organisation of Media, 1976; Teaching For Effective Study, 1987; A Feasibility Study of a Multi Media Catalogue, 1969; National Film Library & its Cataloguing Rules.

Frank Longman Clark

History Test Papers, 1928; New Light On Epsom Wells, 1953.

Peter Clayton

The World of Numismatics, 1972; Chronicle of the Pharaohs, 1994; The-Reign-by-Reign Record of the Rulers and Dynasties of Ancient Egypt, The Rediscovery of Ancient Egypt, 1982; The Archaeological Sites of Britain, 1976; The Treasures of Ancient Rome, Guide to the Archaeological Sites of Britain, 1985; Great Figures of Mythology, 2 catalogues of Near Eastern lithographs of David Robert RA, The Mythology of Ancient Egypt, GCSE National Curriculum: Family Life in Ancient, 1995; The Valley of the Kings, Roman Decorum Exhibition 400 Years of Local History, 1983; A Companion of Ancient Britain (editor), co-author: A Companion to Roman Britain, Le sette Meraviglie del Mondo, 1989; The Gods & Symbols of Ancient Egypt, The Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, 1988; Costume e Cultura Dell Antico Egitto da Narmer a Cleopatra.

Dennis Deletant

Colloquial Romanian, 1983; Colloquial Romanian, a complete course, 1988, 1995; Studies in Romanian History, 1991; Communist terror in Romania. Gheorghiu-Dej and the Police State, 1948-1965, 1999; Romania under Communist Rule, 1999; Ceausescu and the Securitate. Coercion and Dissent in Romania, 1965-1989, 1995; co-authored books: Romania, 1985; Romanian, 1993; Romanian, a Complete Course For Beginners, 1992; Romania Observed, Studies in Contemporary History, 1998; Security intelligence Services in New Democracies. The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, 2000; Mutual Understanding: 125 Years of Anglo-Romanian Relations, 2005; Romanian Phrase Book, 1993; Historians as Nation-Builders. Central and South-East Europe (co-edited),1988. Translated Vlad Dracula the Impaler: A Play,1987; Hilter’s Forgotten Ally, 2006; Romania and the Warsaw Pact 1955-1989 (Co-Editor), Teroarea Comunista in Romania, 2002, Good Wine Needs a Bush; the British Council and Romania, 1937 to the Present, 2000,

Edward R. C. Donati

Pitfalls in French. An Aide Memoire for School Certificate, 1939; Graduated German Free Composition (co-author), 1939.

Cyril G. Ferguson

How It Is Done, 1955; Science For Today, 1962; Science For Today: Teacher's Book, 1962.

Samuel Edward Finer

Anonymous Empire, 1958; Backbench Opinions in the House of Commons 1955-59, 1965; Comparative Government, 1970; Life & Times of Sir Edwin Chadwick, 1952; The Man on Horseback, 1962; A Primer of Public Administration, 1950; Private Industry & Political Power, 1958; Local Government in England & Wales (co-authored with Sir John Maud).

Keith Fisher

'Arsenal Greats' 1990, 'World Cup'98', 1998 (Editor), ‘I Blame Alfie!’ 2014, ‘I Blame Sophie! 2014’, ‘I Blame Lisa!’ 2016..

Ronald P. Floom

Translated: Automatism of Continuous Production Processes by V. Lossievsky 1964 & Electronic Computers by A. I. Kitov 1962.

Charles Roy Fowkes ARIBA

(Co-author) Flooring Materials, 1948; Garages & Service Stations, 1960 (adapted).

Donald Wilfred Fryer

World Economic Development 1965; Emerging South East Asia, 1979; Indonesia, 1977 (co-author).


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