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William G. Nursaw

The Art & Practice of Investment, 1963; Purposeful Investment, 1965; Principles of Pension Fund Investment, 1966; Investment in Trust, 1968; Investments For All, 1971; Supplement to the Art and Practice of Investment, 1966.

Arthur F. Osborne

The Story of Bradford upon Avon and its Churches, 1965.

Philip N. Patsalos

‘Antiepileptic Drug Interactions: A Clinical Guide’ 2013, 2005, ‘Advances in Antiepileptic Drug Development’ 2011, ‘The Epilepsy Prescriber's Guide to Antiepileptic Drugs’ 2010 (co-author), ‘Antiepileptic drugs. Combination therapy and interactions’ 2005 (co-author), numerous articles.

Robert Pinker

English Hospital Statistics 1861-1938, 1966; Social Theory & Policy, 1971; The Idea of Welfare, 1979; Social Work in an Enterprise Society, 1990; Research Priorities in the Personal Social Services (& 4 further books on social work, welfare & the use of institutions).

Terence A. Prichard

(Co-author) 'Control of a Business' 1964

Ernest Riley

(Co-wrote with wife) An Arithmetic of Citizenship, 1922.

George Robb

Soccer, 1964.

Raymond Rowe

William Fletcher and Peggy the steam traction engine, 2010.

Leslie J. Russon

German Composition Through Pictures for Beginners, 1934; Von Grossen Und Kleina Schelman, (Editor) 1935; West Germany by Sylvia Loi (adapted) 1935; Spass Mues Sein, 1939; Complete German Course for First Examination, 1955 (& later 12 German language text books with Agatha, his wife, from 1959 - 1989).

Beram Saklatvala

The Christian Land, Arthur: Roman Britain's Last Champion, The Origins of the English People and translated Ovid On Love, The Poems of Francios Villon, Sappho of Lesbos, 1968. Beram also wrote the following books under the name Henry Marsh: Documents of Liberty, 1971; Dark Age Britain, 1970; The Caesars, 1972; Slavery & Race, 1974; The Rebel King, 1975; The Rebel Jew, a Study of St. Paul, 1980.

Prof. Bernard Smith

'A Reasonable Rebel: a Life of Lichtenberg' 1960, translator from German; 'Libellus de diversis ordinibulis et professionibus qui sunt in Aaclesia' 1972 translator from Latin & co-author; 'Early Medieval Germany' 1978 translator, ‘Three Treatises from Bec on the Nature of Monastic Life’ 2008 translator..

Victor C. Spary

Elementary Exercises in Map Work, 1923; Senior Exercise in Mapping & Map Reading, 1925; A Junior Reader in Economic Geography, 1926; Intermediate Mapping Book, 1927; New Regional Map Book, 1929; The Modern Geography Room, 1930; The Conquest Geographies, 1933.

John Stammers

‘Panoramic Lounge-bar’ 2001 (collection of poems), ‘Buffalo Bills’ 2004, ‘Gobby Deegan’s riposte’ (Editor) 2004, ‘Stolen Love Behaviour’ 2006, ‘Interior Night’ 2010, ‘The Picador Book of Love Poems 2011 (Editor), ‘Gerald Manley Hopkins - Poet to Poet’ 2012 (Editor).

William Staples

(Translated) The Jew Has Come Home, by Albert Londres, 1931.

Eric T. Stokes

The English Utilitarians & India, 1959; The Peasant & Raj, Studies in Agrarian Society & Peasant Rebellion in Colonial India, 1978; The Peasant Armed: The Indian Revolt of 1857, 1986.

Nicholas Swingler

Dream of the Condom (book of poems), 2002.

Chee Fai Tang

A Study of the Temperature Dependent Optical Properties of InGaAP-based Multiple Quantum Wells & Multilayer Structures, 1997.

Edmund Tillotson

‘Burnt Aces and The Shangri-Las’, co-author Richard Caddel, 1978, Prints: ‘The Shadow of Black Combe’, Poem/Drawing co-author Norman Nicholson, The Victoria and Albert Museum, 1979, ‘Peter Startup: Sculpture in 20th Century Britain’ Henry Moore Institute 2003, more than 28 catalogues.

Barry Tylee

Classification of Asbestos Insulating Board & Asbestos Cement, (co-author) 2003.

Keith Tyler

Pottery Without A Wheel, 1952, 1968.

Stephen Vines

Democratic Socialism & The Cost of Defence, 1979 (co-editor); The Years of Living Dangerously. Asia From Financial Crisis to the New Millennium, 1999; Hong Kong. China’s New Colony, 1998; Market Panic, Wild Gyrations, Risk & Opportunity in Stock Markets, 2003.

John Watson

Designing Documents, 2002; Drawing With Word, 2002; Buying & Selling Online, 2001; Maintaining Your PC, 2001; Parenting Control (co-authored with Jan, his wife), 2000.

William Webb

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt, 2004; My Art is where my Ohm is, 2009.

Arthur Francis Weskett

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely, 1971; Violets in the Lane, 1978; Lighten Our Darkness, 1978.

George M. Wickens

Avicenne: a Scientist & Philosopher, (Ed) 1952; First Readings in Classical Arabic (co-ed), 1963; Arabic Grammar, a First Word Book, 1980; Asian Studies & the Canadian University, 1959;  Canadian National Commission for UNESCO, Asia Book List, Canadian National Commission for UNESCO 1961, The Nasrean Ethics (translator from Persian) 1964 (George also translated many other books).

Frederick M. Williams

Wilhelm Busch (artist) Max und Moritz: Eine Bubengeschichte in Sieben Streichen, 1969 (co-edited).

Albert Peter Willmore

Logos Press Scientific Monographs on Physics, 1964; Aerospace Research Index: a Guide to World Research in Aeronautics, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Space Science (co-editor), 1981.

Stanley J. Whiteman

Knebworth United Reform Church Centenary 1887-1987, 1986.

Stanley J. B. Whybrow

Geography Notebooks, 1932; Practical Map Books, 1934; Harrap's Geography Picture Summaries, 1935; Europe Overseas: A Survey of Modern Empires (co-author), 1939; The British Isles, 1944; North America, 1946; World & Physical Geography, 1954; West Africa, 1956.

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