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Books, Songs & Films Produced About Old Camdenians:

Norman Blamey by Lynda Checketts 1992.

Charlie George, Giants of Football by Jason Thomas 1971 (Charlie has also written an autobiography).

Ballad of Charlie George by Leon Carr 1976.

I Wish I Could Play Like Charlie George by The Strikers & Selston, Bagthorpe Primary School Choir (1972).

The Charlie George Calypso by Stephen North & The Flat Back Four (1995).

The Only Cockney Rebel (That Meant Anything To Me Was Charlie George) by The Half Time Oranges (1998).

I wish I could Play Like Charlie George & The Charlie George Calypso by The Football Attic (2012).

Dilemmas of Liberal Democracies: Studies in Fred Hirsch’s Social Limits to Growth edited by Adrian Ellis & Krishan Kumar 1983.

Albert Irving: Life to Painting by Paul Moorhouse 1998 (Albert has also written an autobiography).

Me, My Dad and Moorgate (2006) Channel Four documentary about Laurence Marks.

Indian’s Colonial Encounter: Essays in Memory of Eric Stokes edited by Mushirul Hasan & Nasagani Gupta 1993.

Poems by Mair and Beram Saklatvala by Jones.

‘Trevor Hartley’ edited by Iosias Jody 2012

Logos Islamikos Studia Islamica in Honerem Georgii Michaelis Wickens by Roger M. Savory & Dionisis A. Agus 1984.

Bob Wilson: Anchor Man by Half Man Half Biscuit, 2001 (Bob was a former teacher).

‘South Bank Show’ about Laurence Marks’ career as a scriptwriter

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