Alfred A Goldsmith

It is with great sadness that I have to tell you that Alf Goldsmith died peacefully in his sleep on 3rd September 1994.

After war service in the Royal marines, Alf trained as a specialist physical education teacher with geography as his subsidiary subject. In 1949 he joined the staff of Holloway School as Head of Physical Education. Alf was a gymnast of high standard and an accredited athletics coach.

This was still the time of the grammar school when the school hall was used as a gymnasium. How he fumed if assembly went beyond its allotted time. He appreciated, valued and used to the full the greatly enlarged facilities of the new purpose gymnasium which came with comprehensive education. He developed a wide range of activities within his curriculum and was amongst the first in inner London to introduce basketball into schools.

He maintained a link between the Old Boys football club and the school through his evening institute responsibilities and he still retained his interest and contact after he left the school and took up the appointment as Principal of Battersea Evening Institute.

Throughout his time at Holloway he entered into school life with vigour, enthusiasm, humour and an insistence on high standards for both himself and his pupils. He showed considerable skills as an organiser, as was exemplified by the sports day at Hilly Fields. White House boys will remember his contribution at Christmas parties. His successful revues provided lots of toil and also lots of fun. yet perhaps most of all will be lasting memories of those who were lucky enough to attend his annual school camps over the years.

Alf gave freely of his talents and skills and will be remembered with esteem, respect and affection by all those who knew him. We shall miss him.