Charles Bormat

Tribute by his daughter, Mrs Josephine Wright

Charles died on 17th July 2000, aged 91.

He was an architect and after the war he worked in Plymouth and in Coventry in the City Council's Architect Department helping to rebuild them. He came to Coventry in 1950.  In the 40's and 50's he designed schools and later went on to public buildings. He designed his own bungalow in 1965, which he lived in until he went into hospital. He retired in 1974.  He was also active in local politics and after his retirement in the Pensioners organisations. After my mother died in 1991, he began to travel and visited many of the countries he had always wanted to see.

Last year he attended the Old Camdenians Annual Dinner for the first time. I believe he was the oldest there. he very much enjoyed it and would probably have attended again this year.