Dennis Steel  (1923- 2017)

It is with sorrow that I have to tell you that Dennis Steel died peacefully in hospital on 20th December, after a short illness. Dennis was a stalwart of the Old Camdenians Club and was heavily involved with the start up of the club after the war in which he flew Lancaster bombers with the 619 squadron. Dennis was Secretary of the cricket club from the mid 1940ís to 1970. He was to the cricket club what Ron Nutkins was to the football club. Dennis was treasurer of the group that raised money to secure the lease of the ground at Burton Hole Lane at a time when the club was in the ascendancy.

For the whole of his cricket playing career with the club, Dennis kept wicket and was a consistent number 11 batsman. He was married for 67 year to Betty who died in 2013. Before he moved to Chelmsford, Dennis would bring his family of two daughters, Christine and Valerie to Bow Lane, Finchley. Betty was one of a band of ladies who volunteered to prepare tea for the players.
Dennis kept wicket at a time when the clubís two fast bowlers, Paul Yates and Charles Simpson were at their peak. First change bowler was likely to be thundering George Robb or windmill Mick Larner. The likely spinners were Bert Weedall, Stuart Hamer and Richard Brown.

Dennis devoted much of his time to the Old Camdenians Club in general and to the cricket club. But he was also a prominent member of the Old Camdenians Dramatic Society, often playing the dashing male lead. Sometimes the middle lines of his longer speeches were extemporised, though the final sentence was on cue.

Dennis was a gentleman, sociable, articulate, considerate and good company, especially on tour.

His funeral will take place at Chelmsford crematorium on Friday, 19th January at

We send our condolences to his family.
RB 8.1.18