Duncan Lyall Burn




Duncan Lyall Burn economist, was born on 10 August 1902 at Holloway, London, the younger child and younger son of Archibald William Burn, engineer, and his wife, Margaret Anne Mead, who, prior to her marriage, worked as a nanny.

Educated at Holloway County School and Christ's College, Cambridge University; he became a lecturer in Economic History, at the University of Liverpool in 1925, and Cambridge University in 1927. He worked at the Ministry of Supply (Iron and Steel Control) in 1939 and was a Member of the US-UK Metallurgical Mission, New York and Washington in 1943

He became the leader writer and industrial correspondent for The Times , 1946-1962; member of the Advisory Committee on Census of Production, 1955-1965; member of the Executive Committee, National Institute of Economic and Social Research, 1957-1969; and Director of the Economic Development Office set up by Associated Electrical Industries, English Electric, GEC and Parsons, 1962-1965.

He also served as a Member of the Economic Committee, Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, 1963-1965, worked as a lecturer at Bombay University in 1971 and as a Specialist Advisor, on the House of Commons Select Committee on Energy, 1980-1988. He died in 1988.