Francis H L Cheney (1914-2008)

Francis Cheney was a member and gentleman of the Old School, both literally and metaphorically. His kindness, demeanour, manner and attitudes to dealing with people were exemplary in conduct and behaviour. Born at the outset of the First World War, he attended Holloway School from 1925 to 1932.

In 1938 he qualified as a solicitor. During the Second World War he joined the army and reached the rank of captain. After the war he continued to work for Vizards, a law firm in the City of London to become senior partner until his retirement in 1984 aged 70.

Francis attended 60 Old boys reunions, missing only one up to the time he moved to Suffolk just after 2000 to be near his daughter. He had been married for 63 years when his wife died in January 2007.

Francis was one of the club’s elders who helped to steer the purchase of the lease at Burton Hole Lane and was one of the original trustees. He transacted the legal documentation to the current trustees. He gave sane advice and wisdom to the Old Boys committee for many years and his presence is sadly missed. We extend our condolences to Liz and all the family.