Dr John Hudson OBE

(former Headmaster 1997 - 2004)

Dr. John Hudson passed away peacefully, at his Home in the U.S.A., on Thursday October 15th. 2009, at 4:50pm local time. 

A Memorial Service for John was arranged by his sister Elizabeth and held at  St. Andrews Church
Court Rd. Motingham, Nr. Eltham London S.E.9

oon the 4th November 2009

John's was totally committed to both Holloway School and the Old Camdenians as Headmaster and President. Please read his review of the school and the club from their birth to 31st August 2004

Holloway School and Old Camdenians' Club Centenary Retrospect (2009)

Read the conclusion by Dr.John Hudson OBE BSc.,MSc., PhD., Headteacher 1997 to 2004