Johnny Castle (1942-47)



The Chairman and I attended Johnís Funeral in 2009 and I will quote from a Eulogy which was read out because itís author Alan Burnett (1942-47) who was a great friend of Johnís when they were Classmates at Holloway was ill and indisposed.

 John who was extremely fond of the outdoors became on leaving School a Shipping Clerk and eventually rose to become a Freight Manager.  He used to comment that in the days of London Docks they were used to pilferage but in modern times of Containers, they would lose whole Containers which they used to find abandoned on the road from Harwich.  John eventually became redundant which gave him the opportunity to take up Estate Management much of which he studied from Books.  He was described as  chirpy, irrepressible, and with a quirky sense of humour and a sunny  disposition.  He had many hobbies connected with his love of the outdoors and also boxed in the Army and played Football for the Camdenians for over 20 years.  Evidently he and Alan lost touch when he moved to Sussex but were brought together again via the Camdenians.  He suffered a few knocks and adversities in life and endured a great deal of illness towards the end but had a a propensity for bouncing back.  A man who it was a pleasure to know, a good friend, and good company.