Michael J. Larner

(23.3.1938 - 7.11.2006)


Eulogy given by Richard Brown at the funeral of |Mick Larner.

I first met Mick, for that was his name to us, when he left Holloway School and joined the Old Boys.  

He was one of those talented sportsmen who would be selected for the 1st X1 for both cricket and football.  He coupled his natural sporting abilities with determination, energy and enthusiasm.

His bright, fresh complexion, blonde hair and quietly spoken voice gave him a somewhat angelic appearance.   Though   there was nothing angelic or quiet about his hard resourceful   play - or his crunching tackles on an opposing forward who might dare to try and pass him on the football field.

At cricket he bowled quickly – his square shoulders – swinging arms and strong slender physique proved him to be an efficient wicket taker.    He batted in the middle order – more of a Flintoff than a Boycott.

His commitment to the team was always   100% - as it was to his family team.

Mick wasn’t a comedian.  He didn’t tell jokes – yet he enjoyed laughter, was happy and could see the funny side.  Off the sports field he was a gentle person.   He was fun to be with.

Just over 44 years ago I was privileged to be the best man at Mick and Peg’s wedding.   What was so outstanding about that day was the laughter; it was such a fun occasion..

He played squash.  On court he was a fierce competitor.  He would run and run non-stop.  His legs would keep going to the final point – whether won or lost.    

He later took up golf – displaying a full natural swing in his drive.   Then the   methodical   final   putt played with the concentration of a qualified accountant – which of course he was.

Throughout his family life, Mick revealed   those same characteristics that he had shown so well in sport.    He was dedicated to his family; committed to the family team and to the job in hand; He was loyal and fair; He was open and honest; With Mick.“ what you saw was what you got”.

He had Faith, Hope and Love.        He was a good man   - a good man to have on your side.

Whether you knew him as Mick, Mike, Michael, Dad or Granddad, cherish his memory and remember him just as he was to you.