Richard Deletant (1958-65)

Richard Deletant, who died suddenly near his home in Yapton, West Sussex in 1995, and was at the School from 1958-1965. On completion of his A-level studies at the school he went to Leeds University where he gained an upper-second degree in English. After spending a period working for an insurance company he trained as an accountant and subsequently worked with the Audit Commission.

Richard had an adventurous spirit and was enthusiastic about many things. He took up canoeing, won a bronze medallion from the Royal Life Saving Society and was a black belt in karate. He was deeply interested in early history of the peoples of these islands and read widely about the Celts, the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings. He retained his interest in Old English and books on the subject could be found on his bookshelves alongside those on sailing and karate. In addition to these personal interests, Richard always showed a great concern for others and was always willing to give up his time for them.

He leaves a widow, Cathy, and three children, Aidan, Edwin and Rowena.