Stan Heritage


 You will be saddened to learn of the death of Stan Heritage during 1993. Stan came to last year's  dinner and I thought he looked so much better when I picked him up at King's Cross. George Robb, one of Stan's contemporaries of those great footballing years writes the following:

"I first came across Stan when he played for Yerbury Road School Juniors and I played for Pooles Park School Juniors - really competitive stuff in those days! We met up again at Holloway when of course Stan showed his abilities at soccer and cricket, so Green House won the occasional game. We both enjoyed the evacuation in Towcester. Back in London Stan joined the sea cadets and invited me to play soccer for them, which I did, despite being an A.T.C. member at school. Running the Sea Cadet team was a chap named Rogers who played for Finchley Reserves. Rogers introduced us both to Finchley and we often played together there, before Stan went to Oxford  and was also picked for the great Pegasus side.

Stan played a very great part at inside forward in a successful school XI's at the end of the, and years after, the War. We were all proud of him when he won his place at Oxford and of course he did very well at I.C.I." 

Stan died in 1993.