Theo Crabtree (former teacher)

It is with much sadness that we record the passing of one of our dearest and most respected masters. Theo Crabtree.

Theo was a dedicated teacher and colleague who cared, was kind, supportive and helpful. He began teaching at Holloway in the 1920s. During the war years he retained his quiet and dignified manner as he strived under difficult conditions, to maintain standards so that the school might return to good order at the end of the war. In 1947 Theo was Head of Modern languages (assisted by Al Ahier and Jock Adams) in a crowded staff room including Richard king and Bunny Griffith, Doc Atkinson, Bill Seitz and George Mangham. Theo was Blue House Master and invited new boy Gordon Clarke to join him. The House system was the basis of healthy competitive spirit with lots of fun and enjoyment., especially at Christmas.

He died in 1996.

One year Robert Pinker designed a coat of arms for Theo - a large tree embracing a monstrous crab. Theo Crabtree was respected and held in high esteem. He was never more enthusiastic than when the cricket season came round. (He was president of Southgate Cricket Club). He encouraged everyone to play and enjoy playing. He gave a great deal of commitment and was generous with is time and energy, often on a Saturday morning at Bow Lane. Paul Yates and Alan Cornelius were just two who benefited from his coaching.

"His life was gentle, and the elements

So mix'd in him that nature might stand up

And say to the world. This was a man"