Tom Rolf 1957 -64

It is with deep sadness that I have to inform you that Tom Rolf passed away before Xmas on 11th December. Tom was Deputy Head of the School from 1961 - 1965. He was also heavily involved in the Old Camdenians cricket club and played for them the four years he was at the school. He went on several of the cricket tours, and remained in contact with the club after he left, attending several of the annual dinners.

Tom Rolf Obituary

Tom Rolf was deputy headmaster at the school from 1961 to 1965. He was a good teacher and quickly became a keen member and supporter of the Old Camdenians – in particular as a robust playing member of the O.C.’s cricket club. He was a big man physically with a loud booming voice and an exuberant character. He lived life to the full and was fun to be with. He preferred a pint of beer to half a pint. He was a family man and brought his family with him on tour. He contributed enormously to the spirit and enjoyment of being a member of a team. His rich sense of humour and friendly, happy disposition made him a favourite with everyone. He was not a man to call for a quick single, he would rather clobber the ball to any boundary line –irrespective of where his bat may be facing at the time. He will be remembered with happy memories by all those who have shared in his company. Tom had one great after dinner story, which has helped me out on many an occasion. He was a good man. We extend our sympathy to his wife, Janet and the girls.

Richard Brown