In Memoriam

Late Old Camdenians, names are in alphabetical order by surname, although if people would prefer to have names in date order please let me know. This page covers death notices, funeral arrangements and obituaries.

If anyone spots a mistake please contact me.

Peter Andes

Cliff Broad

Allan Burnett

Gordon Clarke

Colin Davies

Mike Duffy

David Face

Charles Fellows

Derek Fricker

Bob (Peter) Frost

David Green

Henry (Harry) Hayes 

Major Tom Howes MC

Commander William Hucklesby

Dr John Hudson

Abert Irvin

Brian (Ned) Kelly

Bill Meehan

Alan Mitchell

Alun Morgan

Alf Mortimer

George Perry

Colin Richardson

George Robb

Tom Rolf

Moses Schwab

Barrie Simpson 1946 - 50

Alan Spaul

Terry Staples

Dennis Steel

Reg Taylor 1940 - 43