On this page you can find key information relating to the Old Camdenians Club, its officers, Committee members and Honorary members. You will also find further down, club figures of the past as well as other notable members and contributors to the club.


Alan Streeter

Honorary Life Vice Presidents

Alan Meyer

Richard Brown

Club Vice Presidents

Martin Hodgson

Bill Wood

Dennis Warwick

Club Chair

Denis Piggott

Club Secretary

Dr Raymond Rowe

Committee Members

Martin Quilter

Panos Nicolaides

School Governor

John Maskell

Alan Meyer

Ellie Mandla

Marta Monteiro

Club presidents of the past are also listed below, along with details of pupils who returned as governors or teachers. In addition, teachers who have made contributions to the club are also listed below.

Augustus Kahn MA 1907-1912

Frederick Robert Hurlstone-Jones OBE MA 1912-1946

Ronald Gill BA 1946-1951

Richard J. King MA 1951-1953

M.W. Brown MA 1953-1960

C. F. Lewis BA 1960-1973

D. C. D. Potter BSc 1973-1977

George Riga R. de Spinoza BSc 1977-1981

Joe Hogan (Acting Head) 1982

Michael J. Cahill 1982-1986

Joe Hogan (Acting Head) 1986-1988

Paul Smith BPhil FRSA 1988-1997

Dr. John Hudson OBE BSc MSc MPhil PhD 1997 to 2004

Bob Hamlyn 2004 to 2015

John Dixon 2015 to 2018

Alan Streeter 2018 to date

Fred Lingren,

Sidney Hutchison,

George Ives (Vice Chairman)

Mark Fitzpatrick

Panos Nicolaides

E. R. C. Seitz (Bill)

Arthur W. H. Field (Archie) MBE BSc

Leslie J. Russon

Richard J. King (Headmaster)

Cyril Streatfield

Trevor Hartley

Bill Davies

Maurice Stone

Phil Harris

Mike Hendon

Ron Bunyon (Senior Lab Technician)

Ryan Wenzel

A. R. Ahier


H. Jim Ritchie

Harold ‘Haggis’ Brown

Gordon. C. Clarke

John Howard Price

Alan S. Brockman

Theo Crabtree

Tom Rolfe

E. Ted Griffiths (Bunny)

Peter Norris

F. R. Hurlstone-Jones OBE

Alf Goldsmith

G. Louie Watt

C. F. Lewis