This lists eminent OCs by type.

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Owusu Abebrese

Lecturer in Law, London Metropolitan University

Edward Bangerter

Senior Experimental Officer, Botany Dept. National History Museum, Chairman/President/Hon Vice President, Botany Section, London Natural History Society, Gen. Sec. Botanical Society of the British Isles, Associate of Auckland Museum

Oscar Baldomero

Collaborates with Universities, top surgeons and implant manufacturers from around the world, producing education models for orthopaedics and surgical training purposes & generic blocks and other apparatus for biomechanical testing. Also lectures and runs workshops in the field

William H. Bennett BSc MSc FRICV

Chemist, Institute of Geological Sciences

Dr. Joe Brock BA Ph.D.

Head of Medical & Scientific Illustration, Animation & Photography, National Institute for Medical Research

Michael Brandon-Bravo MIBiol

Deputy Provost, City of London Polytechnic/London Guildhall University

Dr. Maxim Bruckheimer

Mathematician, City University

Prof. Duncan Burn

Visiting Prof. in Economics Manchester University, Member Exe. Committee Nat. Inst. of Eco. & Social Research

Dr. Maurice Burton DSc

Natural History Museum

John Chandler BSc MPhil CIBiol MIBiol.

MD for Southampton University technology spin off (pest control science) company, Researcher Medical Research Council, Vice Chairman Pakistan Agricultural Pesticides Association

Bernard Chibnall

Director Media Services, Univ. Sussex 1967-81

Peter Clayton FCILP Dip. Arch FSA FRNS

Hon. Member Inst. Archaeology & Exe. Sec. Inst. for Archaeo-Metallurgical Studies, University College London, lectured in UK, Europe & Australia, Member of the Treasure Valuation Committee, British Museum, Dept. Culture, Media & Sport, Expert Advisor for Coins & Antiquities Treasure

Bob Collins BSc

Lecturer in Health & Social Care, Southgate College

Leonard Daniels

Principal, Camberwell School of Art

Percival W. Davis

Forestry Dept. University of Aberdeen

Prof. Dennis Deletant

Professor in Romanian Studies, School of Slavonic & Eastern European Studies, University of London

Sir Ifor Evans

Provost, University College, London

Prof. Samuel E. Finer

Prof. of Political Institutions at Keele, Prof. of Government at Manchester Univ. Gladstone Prof. of Government & Public Administration at Oxford

Alan Flook BSc MSc

Research Scientist Unilever, Science Computing Consultant (Image Processing & Analysis) to Human Genome Mapping Project and Sanger Institute, Cambridge, Examiner Postgraduate Studies at Loughborough University

Prof. Donald Fryer

Prof. of Geography, University of Hawaii

Dr. Howard Garelick BSc PhD

Research Marconi, BA, prize named after Howard for ‘Technical Innovation’

Stanley F. Gates BA BSc MA

Lecturer and research chemist, Oxford University

Dr. Bob Hartley BSc PhD

Research Fellow Psychology Dept., & lecturer Communications Dept., London Guildhall University/London Metropolitan University

Frederick Hirsch

Economist, London School of Economics, Advisor International Monetary Fund

William Hucklesby

Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, Fellow of the Royal College of Art

Sidney Hutchison

Lecturer in History of Fine Art, Extra-Mural Dept. University of London

Prof. Paul Idahosa BA MA PhD

Professor in African Studies, York University, Toronto, was known as Paul Johnson at Holloway

Albert Irvin RA

Goldsmiths College School of Art

Thomas Jacobs

BSc Physics, University of London; physicist at the Mallard Research Laboratories.


Researcher in Industrial Archaeology & History; Curator, the Trevithick Society; formerly with the British Geological Survey; geophysicist; Archivist, the Museum of Submarine Telegraphy. Associate Member of the Institute for Archaeology; Fellow of the Royal Historical Society.

Anthony Kelly BSc MSc MEd

Associate Professor in Education: Learning Methods Unit, University of Central England

Jack Koumi

Trainer of Educational Video & Audio Production, Open University

Bryan A. Lister

Chemistry lecturer, University College, Leicester

Ronald A. Mackness

Senior Research Officer, School of Agriculture, Cambridge University

Prof. Laurence Marks

Visiting Professor in English, University of York, Patron The National Academy of Writing

Adrian J. Marriage

University of Manitoba

Prof. William E. J. McCarthy DPhil

Emeritus Fellow of Nuffield College, Industrial Relations & Labour Economics, Associate Fellow of Templeton College, Oxford

Dr. George W. Monger


Alun Morgan BSc

Lecturer Bristol Polytechnic

Dr. Peter Norey BSc PhD

Assistant Professor in Applied Mathematics, University of Western Ontario

Ron Nutkins BSc MSc

South East Technical College

Dr. Toyin Okdikpi

Lecturer in Social Work, London University

Prof. Philip N. Patsalos, FRCPath, PhD

Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, UCL – Institute of Neurology, Director, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Unit, Chalfont Centre for Epilepsy, Awarded ‘2016 Excellence in Epilepsy Award’ by British Chapter of the International League Against Epilepsy – accolade is for ‘lifetime achievement in the field of epilepsy’

Francis W. Penfold

Lecturer in Production Engineering, Manders College, Bedford

Prof. Robert A. Pinker CBE BSc MSc (Econ)

Professor of Social Administration Emeritus, London School of Economics, Vice Chancellor for Social Science University of London, Member of Council, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Sir Leslie Porter

Chancellor, Tel Aviv University

Dr. Savvas Savori


Peter Sims BSc MSc FRGS FGS

Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Science & Business (Learning & Teaching), University of Plymouth

Prof. Bernard Smith

Professor of History, Swarthmore College, PA, USA

John Stammers

Associate King’s College, London

Prof. Eric Thomas Stokes BA MA PhD

Smuts Professor of the History of the British Commonwealth, St. Catharine’s College, Cambridge

Cyril G. Streatfield

Lecturer Northampton College of Advanced Technology

Nicholas Swingler

Lecturer University College of Wales, Aberystwyth & University of Aberdeen

Douglas Tasker BSc

Scientific Officer, US Defence Research Establishment

Edmund Thomas

Senior Administrative Officer, Australian National University

Edmund Tillotson

Department of Fine Art, Reading University 1965-1973, Wimbledon School of Art 1967-1973, Farnham School of Art 1970-1971, 1973-2006 Sunderland University 1973-2006, Visiting Lectureships: Brighton Polytechnic 1970-1982; Falmouth School of Art; Wimbledon School of Art; Newcastle University; City Literary Institute, London

Dr Peter F. Todd CChem FRSC

Senior Research Chemist, ICI

Barry Tylee BSc

Head Scientific Research Group: Chemical & Mineral Dust/Fumes, Health & Safety Executive

Dr. John Warren

Director of International Affairs in Science & Technology

Dr. Frank Watson BSc, MSc, PhD

Researcher (protein structure), Crystallography Dept. Birkbeck College, University of London

Prof. George Michael Wickens

Don at Trinity, Prof. Toronto Univ., Dept. Islamic Studies

Prof. Peter Willmore

Space Studies


David Aaronavich

Actor, ‘The Whistleblowers’ TV Series 2007

Owen Aaronovitch

Actor, ‘Prime Suspect’ 1991, ‘Touch of Frost’ 2004, 2006, ‘Cracker’ 1995, ‘The Bill’ 1995, ‘Heartbeat’ 1996, ‘Strange But True’ 1996, ‘Emmerdale’ 1996, ‘Hillsborough’ 1996, ‘New Voices’ 1997, ‘Coronation Street’ 1997-8, ‘Reckless’ 1997, ‘Sunnyside Farm’ 1997, ‘Harry Hill’ 1998, ‘Holby City’ 2003, ‘The Courtroom’ 2004, ‘Doctors’ 2008, ‘The Tudors’ 2010, ‘Brothers of War’ 2015, theatre: ‘The Great Gatsby’, ‘The Hunchback of Notre Dame’, ‘Pinocchio’, ‘Robin Hood’, ‘The Waltz’, ‘Red Dust Blue Dreams’, ‘Casualties’, ‘Breaking The Silence’, ‘Moby Dick’, ‘Dr. Fosters’ and ‘The Ladykillers’ (USA),

Anthony Allen

‘The Bill’, ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Casualty’ ‘The Guilty’ mini TV series, ‘Hellraiser’ 1987, ‘Flame’ 1975, ‘The Mafia Girls’ 1969, ‘Because of the Cats’ 1973

Ronnie Ancona

Comedienne & actress, former Art Teacher 1992-4

Eddie Arram

Board Member of the Warehouse Theatre

Paul Barnes


Roy Beckwith

Started theatre/drama group in Huntingdon

Mark Burdis

‘Shades of Greene’ 1975, ‘Couples’ 1975, ‘Play For Today’ 1975-6, ‘Backs To The Land’ 1977, ‘Esther Waters’ 1977, ‘Never Never Land’ 1980, ‘The Enigma Files’ 1980, ‘Time of My Life’ 1980, ‘Grange Hill’ 1981-5, ‘Bless Me Father’ 1981, Pip in ‘Great Expectations’ BBC, ‘The Bill’ 1997, 2001, ‘Summer Season’ 1985, ‘Only Fools & Horses’ 1985, ‘Ellis Island’ 1984, ‘Screen Two’ 1986, ‘Lenny Henry Tonite’ 1986, ‘This is David Lander’ 1988, ‘Colin’s Sandwich’ 1988, ‘The Country Boy’ TV Mini Series 1989, ‘No Strings’ 1989, ‘Second Thoughts’ 1992, ‘Birds of a Feather’ 1993, ‘Touch of Frost’ 1994-5, ‘London’s Burning’ 1989, ‘The Country Boy’ 1989, ‘Mike Bassett, England Manager’ 2001, ‘Love, Honour & Obey’ 2001, ‘Final Cut’ 1998, ‘Operation Good Guys’ TV Series 1997-2000, ‘ID’ 1995, ‘The Krays’ 1990, ‘The McGuffin’ 1985, ‘Clockwise’ 1986, ‘The Afternoon Play’ (2003), ‘Out of The Frying Pan’ (2001), ‘Criminal Practice’ (2001), ‘Blackhearts in Battersea’ 1996, ‘The Roman Mysteries’, ‘The Runner’ 1992, ‘Thieves Like Us’ TV Series 2007, ‘The Real Arnie Griffin’ 2003, ‘Barnet Shuffle’ 2008, ‘The Wee Man’ 2013, ‘Still Waters’ 2014, Theatre: ‘A Slice of Saturday Night’, ‘The Good Woman of Sichuan’, won the Rowena Roberts Comedy Award 1986

Frank Francelli

Theatre Director

Gary Hailes

‘Eastenders’ 1986-9 played Barry Clark, ‘Grange Hill’ 1985, ‘Woodentop’ 1983, ‘Contact’ 1985, ‘The Bill’ 1983, ‘Sorry’ 1981, ‘The Killing Zone’ 1999, ‘Small Time Obsession’ 2000, ‘Waiting For A Killer’, ‘Murder With Mirrors’, ‘The Next Seven Days’, ‘Possession’, ‘Soldiers of Love’, ‘Only Human’, ‘Parents in Partnership’, ‘Ghostlands’, ‘Nobody’s Hero’ 1982, ‘Sorry’, ‘Pinochio’, ‘Born and Bred’ 1980, ‘The Witches and the Grinnygog’ 1983, ‘Storyboard’ 1983, ‘Screen Two’ 1985, ‘This Man Is The One’ 2006, ‘Casualty’ 2010, Theatre: ‘Strip Poker’, ‘Doctor On The Boil’, ‘Gollocks’ and lots of pantomime

Tony Halfpenny

‘Young Woodley’, ‘Eyes of Fate’ 1933, ‘The Gay Lady’, Boswell & Johnson’s Tour of the Western Isles’ 1993

Martin Holleran

Mike Holloway

‘The Tomorrow People’, appeared in ‘You Must Be Joking’, ‘The Minder’ 1984, ‘Pauline’s Quirkes’, ‘Fanfare’, Theatre: ‘Joseph & His Technicolour Dreamcoat’ (2004), ‘Dr. Who: Other Lives’ (2005), ‘Stardust’, ‘A Slice of Saturday Night’, ‘The Good Woman of Sichuan’, won the ‘TV Times Personality of the Year Award’ 1976

Ronald Hynd

Choreographer ‘Ice Ballets’ for John Curry 1977

Jack Kapron

West End Theatre

Harold Martin

Member of Tavistock Players, Canonbury Tower Theatre renovation

Bill Penny

Film crew, ‘Operation Dumbo Drop’ 1995?

Frederick Pyne

Mark Skilbeck in ‘Emmerdale Farm’, ‘Thirty Minute Theatre’ 1972, ‘The Three Princes’ 1968, ‘Talking To A Stranger’ 1966, ‘The Dance of Death’ 1968, ‘An Affair of Honour’ 1972, ‘Dixon of Dock Green’ 1971, ‘The Dance of Death’ 1969, Theatre: ‘Open Air’ 1988, ‘Calendar’ 1988

Barry Purchese

Actor, ‘Stone’ 1974, ‘The Big Sleep’ 1978

Gerald Rowland

‘A Career in Communications’ 1971, ‘Public Eye’ 1971 (TV Series), ‘The Beater and the Game’ (1971), ‘Menace’ (TV series) 1970, ‘Trespasser’ (1970), ‘Confession’ (TV Series) 1970, ‘The Wind Blew Her Away’ 1970, ‘Deep End’ 1970, ‘Cromwell’ 1970, ‘Comedy Playhouse’ series 1970, ‘The Jugg Brothers’ 1970, ‘BBC Play of the Month’ 1968, ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ (1968), ‘King of the River’ (TV Series) 1966, ’A Beautiful Pea-Green Boat’ (1966), ‘Sergeant Cork’ 1963-1966 (TV Series), ’The Case of the Chelford Changeling’ (1966), ‘The Case of the Pious Patriarch’ (1964), ‘The Case of the Hangmans Noose’ (1964), ‘The Case of Ella Barnes’ (1963), ‘Frankie Howerd’ 1966 (TV Series), ‘ Blackmail 1965 (TV Series), ‘Snakes and Ladders’ 1965, ‘Steptoe and Son’ 1965 (TV Series), ‘And Afterwards at…’ (1965), ‘Write a Play’ 1965 (TV Series), ‘Hail to the Queen & The Blue Flower’ (1965), ‘The Changing World & The Compartment’ (1965), ‘Four Minutes to… & ‘The Frog Ling’ (1965), ‘The Witch of the New Forest’ & ‘The Basnji’ (1965) , ‘The Golden Feather’ & ‘Treasure Hunt’ (1965) , Thursday Theatre 1964 (TV Series), ‘A Day by the Sea’ (1964) Esther Waters (TV Series) 1964, ‘Starter’s Orders’ (1964), ‘Mateo Falcone’ 1964 (TV Movie), ‘Fortunato’ 1964, ‘The Hidden Truth’ 1964 (TV Series), ‘The Achilles Heel’ (1964), ‘The Barnstormers’ 1964 (TV Series), ‘Z Cars’ 1963 (TV Series), ‘Emergency-Ward 10’ 1963 (TV Series), ‘William’ 1963, (TV Series), ‘William the Peacemaker’ (1963), ‘Citizen James’ (TV Series) 1961, ‘The Bun House Wedding’ 1961 (TV Movie)

Cyril Turney


David Vorhaus

‘Not Tonight Darling’ 1971

Gary West

‘East Enders’, ‘Beyond The Sea’

Gary Whelan

(‘ITV Playhouse’ 1979, ‘Minder’ 1980, ‘Angels’1980-1, ‘Blood Money’ (TV Series 1981, ‘Strangers’ (TV Series) 1981, ‘Union Castle (TV Series) 1982,‘Babylon’ 1983, ‘One Up On Two’ (TV Series) 1983, ‘Pig In The Middle’ (TV Series) 1983, ‘Chess Game’ (TV Series) 1983, ‘Up the Elephant and Round the Castle (TV Series) 1983, ‘One By One: ‘Blood, Toil, Tears and Spit’ 1985, East Enders 1985-7, ‘The Alamut Ambush’ 1986, ‘C.A.T.S. Eyes’ (TY Series) 1986,‘Hideaway’ (TV Series) 1986, ‘Zoeken naar Eileen’ 1987,‘Game Set and Match’ (TV Series) 1988, ‘Dear Sarah’ (TV Movie) 1989, ‘The Gift’ (TV Mini Series) 1990,‘Shoot To Kill (TV Movie) 1990, ‘Prime Suspect’ 1991, 2011, ‘Brookside’ 1991,‘Bernard and the Genie’ TV Movie 1991, ‘The Bill’ 1992-5, ‘The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles’ (TV Series) 1993, ‘Total Cops’ 1993, ‘Timewatch’ 1995,‘Kavanagh QC’1995, ‘Ballykissangel’ 1996-2001, ‘The Ambassador’ TV Series 1998‘S Club 7 in Miami ’ TV series 1999-2000, ‘The Ambassador’ (TV Series) 1999,‘In Deep’ (TV Series) 2002, ‘In Deep’ 2002, ‘Perfectly Frank’ 2003, ‘TheRoyal’2003, ‘My Uncle Silas’ 2003, ‘Glencoe’, ‘My Uncle Silas II’ 2003,HolbyCity’ 2005-9, ‘Casualty’ 2005, ‘Diamond Geezer’ 2005, ‘Fair City’ 2005, ‘DiamondGeezer’ 2005-7, Casualty/Holby City Christmas Special’ 2005, ‘Goldplated’ 2006Channel 4,‘Trial And Retribution’ (TV series) 2009, ‘Amber’ 2014 Feature Films:‘Spoilt Broth’ 2010, ‘A Short Film About Nothing’ 2010, ‘Telstar: The Joe Meek Story’ 2008, ‘The Contract’ 2006, ‘Beyond The Sea’ 2004, ‘A Flight of Fancy’ 2004, ‘Villa des Roses’2002, ‘Trigger Street’ 2002,‘Total Cops’ 2001, ‘The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life 2000, ‘Michael Collins’1996, ‘Cry Freedom’ 1995, ‘Moll Flanders’ 1995, ‘Paper Marriage’ 1992 ‘Papierowe malzenstwo’ 1992, ‘Curse of the Pink Panther’ 1983, ‘Ascendancy’ 1983, ‘The Trail of the Pink Panther’ 1982, Theatre: ‘Educating Rita’, ‘Sus’, ‘Bloody Hero’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘Richard II’


Norman Blamey R.A.

Painter: work exhibited at Tate Gallery, Royal Academy

Joe Brock

Painter & illustrator: work exhibited at Essex, Barnet, Herts regional exhibitions

Steve Callaghan


Leonard Daniels

Painter: trained at Royal College of Art, exhibited at Royal Academy)

Charles Fulbrook

Classical percussionist, member of City of London Sinfonia, English Baroque Soloists, The King’s Consort, The Orchestra of the Age Of Enlightenment, The Sixteen, all major London orchestras, Capricorn, the English Chamber Orchestra, the London Sinfonietta, San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, the Stuttgart Barockorckester, recorded: ‘Essental Handel’, ‘Tavener Innocence’, ‘Bryars: Three Viennese Dances’, ‘Martinu Concertos’, ‘Sea Change’, “L’Oiseau Lyre” Mozart Symphonies with AAM and Christopher Hogwood, the EBS with Sir John Eliot Gardiner, the Italian romantic operas with Ricardo Muti and the Philharmonia Orchestra, Britten, ‘Death in Venice’, ‘Albert Herring’, ‘Noye’s Fludde’, ‘Rape of Lucretia’, ‘Prince of the Pagodas’, various John Rutter/Cambridge Singers CDs, ‘Picking of Sticks’, ‘Façade’, and many more credits, took part in many world premiers, including Britten’s ‘Death in Venice’ ‘Xenakis’ and ‘Slow Frieze’ Sir Harrison Birtwistle, timpani professor at Trinity Laban);

Sidney C. Hutchison MVO, CVO

Librarian, Hon. Archivist, Antiquary: Royal Academy, Secretary Royal Academy, Sec: E. A. Abbey Memorial Trust Fund for Mural painting, (& later Scholarship Fund), E. Vincent Harris Fund for Mural Decoration, Richard Ford Award Fund, President Southgate Society of Arts, Fellow Asso. of Art Historians), Librarian Royal Academy

Albert Irvin R.A.

Painter: work in collections at the V&A, Tate Gallery, Royal Academy, Arts Council, British Council, solo exhibitions in London, Scotland, Australia, Austria, Germany, France, Belgium, prize-winner John Moores Liverpool Exhibition 1982, Korn/Ferry International Premier Award, Royal Academy 1989, Giles Bequest Prize, V&A, British Museum 1986, Gulbenkian Award for Printmaking 1983

Reg Langford

Angus (Frederick) McBride

Illustrator/commercial artist

Leonard Charles Renton

Exhibited at the Royal Academy’s Summer Exhibition)

Christopher Stone

Sculptor and painter, exhibited in UK, Belgium, Eire, Spain, Germany, France, USA, and has works in private and public collections in Berlin, Amsterdam, Bucharest, Malaga, Ibiza, Cape Town, Edinburgh, London and in France at Saint Fragou and Bressuire Castle. Voted in ‘Top 100 professionals 2013’ by The International Biographical Center, Cambridge, UK.

Edmund Tillotson

Solo Exhibitions 1976-1994 Acme Gallery, London; Spectro Arts, Newcastle upon Tyne; Northern Center for Contemporary Art; Hatton Gallery, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, Selected Group Exhibitions 1962-2016, London: Young Contemporaries, London Group, Grosvenor Gallery, Camden Arts Centre, JPL Fine Art, Curwen Gallery, South London Gallery, ICA, Royal Festival Hall, Royal Academy UK: Ikon Gallery, Birmingham; Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool; Portland Sculpture Park, Dorset; Ferens Art Gallery, Hull; Richard Demarco Gallery, Edinburgh; Third Eye Center, Glasgow; Dovecot Art Center, Stockton on Tees; Design Works Foundation, Gateshead, International: Gallery F15, and Bergen Kunstforening, Norway; Hall of the Artists, and Surikov Institute, Russia; REGA, Latvia; Tampere Museum, Finland; Groningen, Netherlands; Galeri 28, and Universitatea de Vest Timisoara, Romania; Thomas K. Lang Gallery, Austria; Penrith Regional Gallery, and Lewens Art Gallery, Australia, US: University of Washington, Seattle, WA; Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Pittsburgh, PA (Juror Award 2015, Residencies 1984 Artist in Residence, Hartlepool Nuclear Power Station, sponsored by Northern Arts, Hartlepool, Collections: Victoria and Albert Museum, London, UK; London University, Birkbeck College, London, UK; Northern Arts Association, Newcastle, UK; Northern Center for Contemporary Art,Sunderland, UK; University of Sunderland, Sunderland, Private Collections: Various, in the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada.

Richard Turner

Exhibited in UK, France, Australia, Lindbergh Arts Foundation in Muizenberg, South Africa.

Keith Tyler

Painter, engraver & potter, Organiser of Art & Art Crafts for the County of Cheshire.


Bobby Dwyer

Professional Ballroom dancer

Ronald Hynd (changed surname from Hens)

Choreographer/Dancer: Ballet Rambert, Royal Ballet (1951), Principal Dancer in 1958, Director: National Theatre Munich State Opera Ballet 1970-1973, 1984-86, Choreographer of numerous ballets: ‘Fanfare For Dancers’ 1985 & ‘Ludwig’ 1986 for above, English National Ballet between 1976 – 1993, Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet: ‘In A Summer Garden’ 1972, ‘Charlotte Bronte’ 1974, Dutch National Ballet: 1967 – 1988, Nice Ballet: ‘The Nutcracker’ 1997, La Scala & Vienna State Opera Ballet: ‘The Merry Widow’ 1995, & other productions for London Festival Ballet, Houston Ballet, Australia Ballet, Tokyo Ballet, National Ballet of Canada, new productions for ‘Ballet de Nice’ 1997, la Scala 2000, La Chatte, Festival Ballet, Santiago & Berlin 2000, English National Ballet, choreographed ‘Sylvia’ Serenade to a Princess, for Princess Diana birthday celebration in 1991 at Banqueting House, Whitehall

Alex Martin (Alexander Martin Thompson)

Ballet dancer, founded and ran Cleveland Ballet Guild (forerunner of Cleveland Ballet), Cleveland Ballet Center & Cleveland Institute of Dance, taught at Ballet Russe of Cleveland, danced at coronation of Prince Rainier of Monaco.


Jefferson Allan

Jim Barber

Guitarist, recorded with the ‘The Rolling Stones’, also Vocals, Producer, A & R, Executive Producer, single ‘Do You Sleep’, soundtrack ‘Long Time Gone’ Paul Collins’ Beat 1985, ‘Any Given Sunday’, ‘Law’ The Law (guitar) 2002, ‘Blue, Blue Day’ Don Gibson vocals, ‘Celebrity Skin’ ‘The Hole’, The Very Best of Mick Jagger, Mick Jagger 2007 (rhythm guitar), To Beat or Not To Beat/Long Time Gone’ The Beat 2004, ‘Objectivity’ R. Stevie Moore 1997, ‘Primitive Cool Mick Jagger 1987, ‘Undercover’ 1983

John Campbell

Ian Clarke

Classical musician – horn, composer of ‘The Music Box’, ‘The Tyrolean Maiden’

John Dennis

Charles Fulbrook

Classical musician, ‘Essental Handel’, ‘Tavener Innocence’, ‘Bryars: Three Viennese Dances’, ‘Martinu Concertos’, ‘Sea Change’

Vito Gambazza

Vito Gambazza String Quartet

Costas Georgiou

Producer, dance music in Cyprus

Henry (Harry) Hayes

Jazz Musician, band leader, over 500 recordings in the British Library.

Eric Heliczer

Musician, concert promoter/producer: New Master Series of Recitals, clarinettist Winslow Concert Band

Mike Holloway

Drummer ‘Flintlock’: ‘Sea of Flames’

Steve Howe

Guitarist and song writer, ‘Yes’, ‘Asia’, ‘GTR’, ‘Anderson, Burford, Wakeman, Howe’, produced many albums with these groups and as a soloist, toured worldwide, ‘Grammy Award Winner’, Albums include: ‘Skyline’, ‘The Yes Album’, ‘Beginnings’, ‘The Steve Howe Album’, ‘The Ladder’, ‘Pulling Strings’, ‘Quantum Guitar’, ‘Portrait of Bob Dylan’, ‘Not Necessarily Acoustic’, ‘Turbulence’, ‘The Grand Scheme of Things’, and many others.

Thomas Howells

Chairman Swansea Philharmonic Choir

Thomas Howes

Chairman Swansea Philharmonic Choir

Sidney Hutchison

Organist and choirmaster of St. Matthews, Westminster

Jazzie B

(Trevor Beresford Romeo OBE)
Founding member ‘Soul II Soul’ 5 Albums, hits ‘Get A Life’, ‘Back To Life’, ‘Keep On Movin’, rapper, record producer/ remixer for Sinead O’Connor, James Brown, Monie Love, Madonna, Fine Young Cannibals, Incognito, Maxi Priest, Kym Mazelle, Johnny Gill, Public Enemy, The Jones Girls, Nas, Destiny’s Child, Ziggy Marley, Isaac Hayes, Cheryl Lynn, Rose Windross, Caron Wheeler, Teena Marie, Yorker, founder Featured Artists Coalition, owns a record studio, record company, clothing label, talent agency, and is also a DJ, won 2 Grammy Awards in 1990, awarded the First Inspiration Award at the Ivor Novello Awards 2008, for being ‘a pioneer’ and ‘the man who gave black British music a soul of its own’, he has the keys to 7 US Cities

Graham Kinsey

English National Opera, Technical Manager

Jonathan Lovell


David Lowe

John Middleton

Music producer & composer

Kim Nicolaou

Manager: Desus, Producer, Singer/Composer, DJ

David Smith

Cellist, member of the ‘Alberni String Quartet’, performed in Europe, USA, China, Australia, South America. David has also played in most of the leading orchestras, had first cello lesson at Holloway & coached the winner of the BBC Young Musician of the Year

Richard Turner

Guitar, jazz and classical: jazz concerts at Roundhouse, jazz clubs, Jazz and Poetry at the Nottingham Playhouse with John Neville; classical to solo, duo and chamber music concerts at major venues in London, Gerald Finzi’s Clarinet Concerto with an orchestra, Five Interiors’ for voice and guitar by Nicholas Maw at Purcell Room, South Bank, recitals Prague, Sardinia, Seattle, BBC broadcast performances.

David Vorhaus

composer, pioneer of electronic music, over 70 music credits, Albums include ‘An Electric Storm’ 1969, ‘White Noise 2- Concerto for Synthesizer’ 1974’, White Noise 3 – Re-Entry’ 1980, White Noise 4 – Inferno’ 1990, ‘White Noise 5 – Sound Mind’ 2000, White Noise 5.5 – White Label’ 2006’, ‘Peace On Earth’ (co-composed), ‘A Future Age of Music’ ‘Atmos 6 Water/New Age 1991, ‘Music for the Third Millennium’, ‘Unreal’, ‘Mind Games’, ‘Virtual World’, ‘Out of the Dark’ 1985, Concerts in London, Holland, written for Ballet Rambert, London Contemporary Dance, TV themes…), original music for feature film ‘The Boy Who Turned Yellow’, inventor of a musical instrument the Kalidophon (electric double-base type instrument), and founder of Kalidophon Studios


David Levitas

Beram Saklatvala

Won ‘The New Statesman’ Poetry Prize

John Stammers

“Newly crowned king of neo-pop cool”, won ‘Forward/ Waterstones’ Prize for Best First Collection 2001, Forward Award of ‘Best New Poet’ 2001, short listed for ‘Whitbread Poetry Award’ 2001, won Waterstones Best New Poetry Award 2005, Poetry Book Society Choice (‘Stolen Love Behaviour’) 2005, Forward Prize for best Collection (shortlist) 2005, TS Eliot Award (shortlist) 2005, ‘The Wolf Man’ won Blue Nose Poetry Competition, won third place in the 2009 National Poetry Competition, convenor of the British and Irish Contemporary Poetry Conference

Nicholas Swingler

Poet in residence, Friends of Kensal Green Cemetery

Ben Aaronovitch

Ben Aaronovitch: ‘The October Man’ 2019, ‘False Value’ 2019, ‘Lies Sleeping’ 2018, ‘Water Weed’ 2018, ‘The Furthest Station’ 2017, ‘Body Work’ 2016, ‘Bernice Summerfield: Treasury’ 2018, ‘A Rare Book of Cunning Device’ 2014 (audible book), Rivers of London, 2011 (known as Midnight Riot in US) (2011), Moon Over Soho 2011, Whispers Underground, 2012, Broken Homes, 2013, Foxglove Summer (released October 7, 2014), The Hanging Tree, Genius Loci, 2007, Doctor Who novelisations: Doctor Who: New Adventures, Doctor Who: Remembrance of the Daleks, 2013, Ein Wispern unter Baker Street: Roman (co-authored) 2013, Der böse Ort (co-authored) 2014, So Vile A Sin, (co-authored) 1996, Transit, 1992, Galaxy National Book Award nomination for New Writer of the Year Award 2011, won second prize in fantasy category of Der Leserpreis (Germany), books translated into French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese),

David Aaronovitch

‘The Hutton Inquiry and its Impact’ (Co-Editor) 2004, ‘Paddling to Jerusalem’ 2000, ‘Voodoo Histories’ 2009.

Eric Montgomery Andrews

The Writing On The Wall: The British Commonwealth & Aggression of the East 1931-35, 1987; The Department of Defence 2001.

Edwin Ardener

‘Coastal Bantu of the Cameroons. The Kpe-Mboko, Duala-Limba and Tabga-Yasa groups of the British and French trusteeship territories of the Cameroons’ 1956, ‘Divorce and Fertility: an African study’ 1962, ‘Plantation and Village in the Cameroons. Some economic and social studies’ 1960 (co-author with wife Shirley), ‘Social anthropology and Language’. 1971 (Ed), ‘Kingdom on Mount Cameroon; studies in the history of the Cameroon coast 1500-1970 (Ed), ‘The Voice of Prophecy and other essays’ 2007, (Ed Malcolm Chapman), ‘Coastal Bantu of the Cameroons’ 2017.

Edward Benedict Bangerter

(co-editor) A Handbook of British Flowering Plants, 1955; British Herbaria (co-compiler), 1957.

John Barber

‘The Camden Town Murder’ 2007, Ebooks: ‘A Little Local Affair’ 2011, ‘An Echo From The Green Field’ 2011, ‘Insults – Old, New, Borrowed, Blue’ 2011, ‘McNally’s Last Case’ 2011, ‘Quote Sport Unquote’ 2011, ‘Return To Fordhamton’ 2011, ‘The 1980’s Quiz Book’ 2011, ‘The Tunnels of Hertford’ 2011, ‘The Last Resort’ 2011, ‘Colours of the Underground’ 2012, ‘The Cricket Club Murders’ 2013, ‘Seven Days in May’ 2014, ‘Childhood Eczema’ 2012, ‘Notes from the Stage Manager’s Box’ 2012, ‘The Wicked Lady’ 2014, ‘Fifty Business Ideas’ 2013, ‘Christopher Marlowe – the man who wrote Shakespeare’ 2012, ‘How to Approach a Risk Assessment for Event Managers’ 2012, ‘So! You Want to be British’ 2012.

Ernest Beha

Beating The Book, 1954; Systems For Profit, 1955; Big Ben 1859-59, 1959; A Comprehensive Dictionary of Freemasonry, 1962.

Maxim Bruckheimer

Background to Set & Group Theory, 1964; Mathematics: A New Approach, Modular Arithmetic: Teachers Book 1971, (all co-authored, with D.E. Mansfield former Head of Maths at Holloway School); Correlation, 1972; Index Numbers, 1970; Samples Inspection, 1971; Mathematics For Technology: A New Approach (co-authored); translated two books Visual Topology & History of Mathematics 1977 from German.

Duncan Burn

Economic History of Steel Making 1867-1939, 1940; The Structure of British Industry, 1957; The Steel Industry 1939-59, 1961; (4 further books from 1967-78 on free trade, & the nuclear industry).

Bruce I. Burnett

Herbwise: Growing Cooking Wellbeing 2002.

Maurice Burton

‘Hexactinellida’ 1928, ‘Sponges’ 1929, ‘The Glorious Oyster (co-editor) 1929, ‘The Story of Animal Life’ 1949, ‘Snow White: The story of a Polar Bear Cub’ (Ed.) 1949, ‘Birds of the Wayside and Woodland’ (co-editor) 1952, ‘Animal Courtship’ 1953, ‘The Ass’ 1953, ‘Wild Life of the World’ 1956, ‘Eels’ (co-author) 1956, ‘Die Kindeit der Tiere’ 1957, ‘British Mammals’ 1958, ‘Birds’ 1961, ‘Bird Families’ 1962, ‘Birds of the World’ 1962, ‘A Revision of the Classification of the Calcareous Sponges’ 1963, ‘Young Animals’ 1964, ‘The International Wildlife Encyclopaedia’ 1969, ‘Animal Partnerships’ 1967, ‘My Own Book of Birds’ 1967, ‘Purnell’s Encyclopaedia of Animal Life’ (Ed.) 1968, ‘The Shell Natural History of Britain’ 1970, ‘Struggle For Survival in the Bush’ 1970, ‘Animal Comrades & Companions’ (Ed.) 1971, ‘Animal Explorers & Wanders’ (Ed.) 1971, ‘The Observer’s Book of Wild Animals’ 1971, ‘Nature: The Realm of Animals & Birds’ (ed.) 1971, ‘Maurice Burton’s World of Nature’ 1971, ‘The Life of Birds’ 1972, ‘The World Beneath the Sea’ (co-author) 1972, ‘The Hedgehog’ 1973, ‘The Sixth Sense of Animals’ 1973, ‘Animals of Europe’ 1973, ‘The True Book of Prehistoric Animals 1974, ‘Deserts’ 1974, ‘Encyclopaedia of Animals in Colour’ (Ed.) 1974, ‘All Colour Book of Baby Animals’ (Ed.) 1974, ‘Maurice Burton’s The Daily Telegraph’ Nature Book’ 1975, ‘Encyclopaedia of Reptiles, Amphibians & other Cold-Blooded Animals’ (co-editor) 1975, ‘How Mammals Live’ 1975, ‘Guide to the Mammals of Britain & Europe’ 1976, ‘The Superbook of Wild Animals’ 1977, ‘The Superbook of Birds’ 1977, ‘Just Like An Animal’ 1978, ‘Snakes, Crocodiles & Lizards’ 1978, ‘A Zoo At Home’ 1979, ‘Baby Animals’ 1979, ‘The Wonderful World of Nature’ (co-editor) 1979, ‘The New Larousse Encyclopaedia of Animal Life’ (co-editor) 1980, ‘Insects & Their Relatives’ 1984, ‘Cold-Blooded Animals’ 1985, ‘The Life of Reptiles & Amphibians’ 1990, ‘The Little Brown Encyclopaedia of Animals’ 2000, ‘Encyclopaedia of Insects and Invertebrates’ (Ed.) 2002, & ‘The Life of Meat Eaters’ 1973 & ‘Beginnings of Life’ 1986 (co-authored with his son Robert Burton).

Peter Le Cheminant

Beautiful Ambiguities: An Inside View of the Heart of Government, 2001

Bernard Chibnall

The British Film Guide, 1976; The Use of Film In University Teaching, 1973; The Organisation of Media, 1976; Teaching For Effective Study, 1987; A Feasibility Study of a Multi Media Catalogue, 1969; National Film Library & its Cataloguing Rules.

Frank Longman Clark

History Test Papers, 1928; New Light On Epsom Wells, 1953.

Peter Clayton

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Dennis Deletant

Colloquial Romanian, 1983; Colloquial Romanian, a complete course, 1988, 1995; Studies in Romanian History, 1991; Communist terror in Romania. Gheorghiu-Dej and the Police State, 1948-1965, 1999; Romania under Communist Rule, 1999; Ceausescu and the Securitate. Coercion and Dissent in Romania, 1965-1989, 1995; co-authored books: Romania, 1985; Romanian, 1993; Romanian, a Complete Course For Beginners, 1992; Romania Observed, Studies in Contemporary History, 1998; Security intelligence Services in New Democracies. The Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania, 2000; Mutual Understanding: 125 Years of Anglo-Romanian Relations, 2005; Romanian Phrase Book, 1993; Historians as Nation-Builders. Central and South-East Europe (co-edited),1988. Translated Vlad Dracula the Impaler: A Play,1987; Hilter’s Forgotten Ally, 2006; Romania and the Warsaw Pact 1955-1989 (Co-Editor), Teroarea Comunista in Romania, 2002, Good Wine Needs a Bush; the British Council and Romania, 1937 to the Present, 2000,

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Pitfalls in French. An Aide Memoire for School Certificate, 1939; Graduated German Free Composition (co-author), 1939.

Cyril G. Ferguson

How It Is Done, 1955; Science For Today, 1962; Science For Today: Teacher’s Book, 1962.

Samuel Edward Finer

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Keith Fisher

‘Arsenal Greats’ 1990, ‘World Cup’98’, 1998 (Editor), ‘I Blame Alfie!’ 2014, ‘I Blame Sophie! 2014’, ‘I Blame Lisa!’ 2016..

Ronald P. Floom

Translated: Automatism of Continuous Production Processes by V. Lossievsky 1964 & Electronic Computers by A. I. Kitov 1962.

Charles Roy Fowkes ARIBA

(Co-author) Flooring Materials, 1948; Garages & Service Stations, 1960 (adapted).

Donald Wilfred Fryer

World Economic Development 1965; Emerging South East Asia, 1979; Indonesia, 1977 (co-author).

Charlie George

My Story’ 2005.

Frank A. Greenhill

The Incised Slabs of Leicestershire & Rutland’ 1958; ‘Monumental Incised Slabs in the County of Lincoln’ 1986, ‘Incised effigial slabs, a study of engraved stone memorials in Latin Christendom C1100 – C1700’ 1976, ‘Ye Aunceynt Chronycle of Ballycollynge’ 1940.

Bob Hartley

From Russia With Laughter, 1991; Helen Duncan The Mystery Show Trial, 2007; ebook Who’s Talking, 2013

Fred. G. Hirsch

To Your Credit, 1961; Money For Growth, 1962; Money International, 1967; An SDR Standard: Impetus, elements, & impediments, 1973; Social Limits To Growth, 1977; (co-authored: The Pound Sterling: a Polemic, 1965; The Role & Rule of Gold, 1965, Reserves, Reserve Currencies & Vehicle Currencies, 1966; Newspaper Money, 1978 (co-authored); Alternative To Monetary Disorder, 1977 (co-authored); The CIA & The Labour Movement, 1977 (co-authored); The Political Economy of Inflation’ (co-editor) 1978.

Herbert R. Hodge

Economic Conditions 1815-1914, 1917

Clyde Holmes

Standing Stone 1978, In Season 1988, Skywalls 1998, Featherpaths 2004.

John Houghton

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Steve Howe

(co-author) Yes (Album of songs) 1977; Yes – Tormato (Songs by Yes) 1979.

Sidney C. Hutchison

Homes of the Royal Academy, 1956; The History of the Royal Academy 1768-1968, 1968.

Paul L. E. Idahosa

The Populist Dimension To Africa Political Thought: Critical Essays in Reconstruction & Retrieval, 2004.

Albert Irvin

Albert Irving, 1982; Albert Irvin, Three Score & Ten, 1992; Albert Irvin, Painting 1960-90, 1990.

George Ives

History of the Licensed Victuallers National Homes

Roy Elliott Jones

Principles of Foreign Policy, The Civil State in its World Setting. 1979.

Peter H. G. Joseph

United Kingdom Mineral Statistics, British Geological Survey, 1988 (co-author); Contributions to: British Geological Survey Regional Geochemical Atlases: Sutherland 1982, Hebrides 1983, Great Glen 1988, Argyll & Tiree 1989, Moray/Buchan 1990, Tay Forth 1991, the Lake District 1993; Mining Accidents in the St. Just District 1831-1914, 1999; Cape Cornwall Mine, 2006, Hard Graft: Botallack Mine in the Twentieth Century, 2010; From Holman Brothers to CompAir: the story of Camborne’s engineering heritage, 2010 (with Clive Carter); So Very Foolish, a History of the Wherry Mine, Penzance, 2012; Levant: A Champion Cornish Mine, 2013 (with John Corin); Ding Dong Mine, A History, 2014 (with Gerald Williams); Cornubia: The Story of a Hayle Steamship, 2016; Wheal Trewavas (with Alasdair Neill); so far 29 reports on industrial sites in Cornwall, 20 articles on Cornish industrial history and/or archaeology to date.

Hyman Kaner

Balance Sheets Explained, Analysed and Classified, 1938.

Robert H. Leach

Let The Ink Flow, 1980.

David Levitas

Summer Breaks (book of verses), 1999; An Anatomy of Mans Mortality, 1999; Haskalah or Enlightenment, 2003; 6 Stories, 1999; A – B – C – D –, 1999 (poems); Papillons (verses), 2000; Two Stories, 1999; Pikachu’s Dream, 2000; After Sunrise – Before the Fall, 1991; You Sparrows, 2001; A Pastoral, 2003; In Praise of Hafiz, 2004; Dead emails, 2003; ‘The Curse of Judi’ 2004; Joseph Within The Pit, 2005; ‘The Holy Church’ 2005, ‘The Knot That Bind With Tethering’ 2006, A Ponsonby: Tween Midships and Hull, 2006; Prosperpina’s Aires and Layes, 2006; Anthropomorphus, 2006.

Ronald A. Mackness

Revised two books: Textbook in Economics, 1958; Groundwork in Economics, 1954.

Laurence Marks

A Fan For All Seasons, 1999; Ruth Ellis, a Case of Diminished  Responsibility, 1977 (co-authored); (5 co-authored books with Maurice Gran: Dorien’s Diary, Intimate Confessions, The New Statesman, unexpurgated texts, Goodnight Sweetheart, The Sparrow Diaries, Holding The Fort, Shine On Harvey Moon, 1995; Birds of a Feather: Unabridged.

Angus McBride

The Age of Charlemagne, 1984; Ancient Armies of the Middle East, 1981; The Ancient Assyrians, 1991; Buccaneers, 2000; Knights at Tournament, 1988; The Zulus, 1989; The Vikings, 1985; (responsible for colour plates and many more books), Sleeping Beauty, 1993; Ancient Egypt, 1985; Dracula, 1984; Armour, 1976; Joan of Arc, 1987; The Weather Guide, 1969; From The Old Testament, 1984; Aladdin and the Lamp, 1991; Women Warlords, 1989 (illustrator and for many more); Reivers, 1998 (co-author).

William McCarthy

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Bill Meehan

Charlie Baker Dog: The Story of the Finisterre Mobile Wireless Station, 2012

Arnold Vincent Miller

Translator: ‘Phenomenology of Spirit’ by G.W.F. Hegel, 1952, 1977, The Science of Logic by G.W.F. Hegel, 1969, The Philosophy of Nature’ by G.W.F. Hegel, 1970, 2004, ‘Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Science’ co-translator (3 vols) 1970-5, ‘Introduction to the Lectures on the History of Philosophy’ by G.W.F. Hegel, 1985, ‘The Philosophical Propaedeutic’ by G.W.F. Hegel ; translated & co-edited 1986, ‘Hegel, G.W.F., Encyclopaedia of the Philosophical Sciences in Outline, and Critical Writings’, Ernst Behler (ed.), co-translator, 1990, ‘Zusatze’ by Ludwig Boumann to Hegel’s ‘Philosophy of Mind’ 1971.

George Monger

The End of Isolation. British Foreign Policy From 1900-07, 1963; Updated new edition of Discovering English Customs & Traditions, 1998 (by M. Gascoigne).

John Henry Morris

The South Wales Coal Industry 1841-75, 1958 (co-author).

William G. Nursaw

The Art & Practice of Investment, 1963; Purposeful Investment, 1965; Principles of Pension Fund Investment, 1966; Investment in Trust, 1968; Investments For All, 1971; Supplement to the Art and Practice of Investment, 1966.

William G. Nursaw

The Art & Practice of Investment, 1963; Purposeful Investment, 1965; Principles of Pension Fund Investment, 1966; Investment in Trust, 1968; Investments For All, 1971; Supplement to the Art and Practice of Investment, 1966.

Arthur F. Osborne

The Story of Bradford upon Avon and its Churches, 1965.

Philip N. Patsalos

‘Antiepileptic Drug Interactions: A Clinical Guide’ 2013, 2005, ‘Advances in Antiepileptic Drug Development’ 2011, ‘The Epilepsy Prescriber’s Guide to Antiepileptic Drugs’ 2010 (co-author), ‘Antiepileptic drugs. Combination therapy and interactions’ 2005 (co-author), numerous articles.

Robert Pinker

English Hospital Statistics 1861-1938, 1966; Social Theory & Policy, 1971; The Idea of Welfare, 1979; Social Work in an Enterprise Society, 1990; Research Priorities in the Personal Social Services (& 4 further books on social work, welfare & the use of institutions).

Terence A. Prichard

(Co-author) ‘Control of a Business’ 1964

Ernest Riley

(Co-wrote with wife) An Arithmetic of Citizenship, 1922.

George Robb

Soccer, 1964.

Raymond Rowe

William Fletcher and Peggy the steam traction engine, 2010.

Leslie J. Russon

German Composition Through Pictures for Beginners, 1934; Von Grossen Und Kleina Schelman, (Editor) 1935; West Germany by Sylvia Loi (adapted) 1935; Spass Mues Sein, 1939; Complete German Course for First Examination, 1955 (& later 12 German language text books with Agatha, his wife, from 1959 – 1989).

Beram Saklatvala

The Christian Land, Arthur: Roman Britain’s Last Champion, The Origins of the English People and translated Ovid On Love, The Poems of Francios Villon, Sappho of Lesbos, 1968. Beram also wrote the following books under the name Henry Marsh: Documents of Liberty, 1971; Dark Age Britain, 1970; The Caesars, 1972; Slavery & Race, 1974; The Rebel King, 1975; The Rebel Jew, a Study of St. Paul, 1980.

John Simmonds

The telephone on my desk rang… 2019

Prof. Bernard Smith

‘A Reasonable Rebel: a Life of Lichtenberg’ 1960, translator from German; ‘Libellus de diversis ordinibulis et professionibus qui sunt in Aaclesia’ 1972 translator from Latin & co-author; ‘Early Medieval Germany’ 1978 translator, ‘Three Treatises from Bec on the Nature of Monastic Life’ 2008 translator..

Victor C. Spary

Elementary Exercises in Map Work, 1923; Senior Exercise in Mapping & Map Reading, 1925; A Junior Reader in Economic Geography, 1926; Intermediate Mapping Book, 1927; New Regional Map Book, 1929; The Modern Geography Room, 1930; The Conquest Geographies, 1933.

John Stammers

‘Panoramic Lounge-bar’ 2001 (collection of poems), ‘Buffalo Bills’ 2004, ‘Gobby Deegan’s riposte’ (Editor) 2004, ‘Stolen Love Behaviour’ 2006, ‘Interior Night’ 2010, ‘The Picador Book of Love Poems 2011 (Editor), ‘Gerald Manley Hopkins – Poet to Poet’ 2012 (Editor).

William Staples

(Translated) The Jew Has Come Home, by Albert Londres, 1931.

Eric T. Stokes

The English Utilitarians & India, 1959; The Peasant & Raj, Studies in Agrarian Society & Peasant Rebellion in Colonial India, 1978; The Peasant Armed: The Indian Revolt of 1857, 1986.

Nicholas Swingler

Dream of the Condom (book of poems), 2002.

Chee Fai Tang

A Study of the Temperature Dependent Optical Properties of InGaAP-based Multiple Quantum Wells & Multilayer Structures, 1997.

Edmund Tillotson

‘Burnt Aces and The Shangri-Las’, co-author Richard Caddel, 1978, Prints: ‘The Shadow of Black Combe’, Poem/Drawing co-author Norman Nicholson, The Victoria and Albert Museum, 1979, ‘Peter Startup: Sculpture in 20th Century Britain’ Henry Moore Institute 2003, more than 28 catalogues.

Barry Tylee

Classification of Asbestos Insulating Board & Asbestos Cement, (co-author) 2003.

Keith Tyler

Pottery Without A Wheel, 1952, 1968.

Stephen Vines

Democratic Socialism & The Cost of Defence, 1979 (co-editor); The Years of Living Dangerously. Asia From Financial Crisis to the New Millennium, 1999; Hong Kong. China’s New Colony, 1998; Market Panic, Wild Gyrations, Risk & Opportunity in Stock Markets, 2003.

John Watson

Designing Documents, 2002; Drawing With Word, 2002; Buying & Selling Online, 2001; Maintaining Your PC, 2001; Parenting Control (co-authored with Jan, his wife), 2000.

William Webb

Been There, Done That, Got The T-Shirt, 2004; My Art is where my Ohm is, 2009.

Arthur Francis Weskett

Whatsoever Things Are Lovely, 1971; Violets in the Lane, 1978; Lighten Our Darkness, 1978.

George M. Wickens

Avicenne: a Scientist & Philosopher, (Ed) 1952; First Readings in Classical Arabic (co-ed), 1963; Arabic Grammar, a First Word Book, 1980; Asian Studies & the Canadian University, 1959;  Canadian National Commission for UNESCO, Asia Book List, Canadian National Commission for UNESCO 1961, The Nasrean Ethics (translator from Persian) 1964 (George also translated many other books).

Frederick M. Williams

Wilhelm Busch (artist) Max und Moritz: Eine Bubengeschichte in Sieben Streichen, 1969 (co-edited).

Albert Peter Willmore

Logos Press Scientific Monographs on Physics, 1964; Aerospace Research Index: a Guide to World Research in Aeronautics, Meteorology, Astronomy, and Space Science (co-editor), 1981.

Stanley J. Whiteman

Knebworth United Reform Church Centenary 1887-1987, 1986.

Stanley J. B. Whybrow

Geography Notebooks, 1932; Practical Map Books, 1934; Harrap’s Geography Picture Summaries, 1935; Europe Overseas: A Survey of Modern Empires (co-author), 1939; The British Isles, 1944; North America, 1946; World & Physical Geography, 1954; West Africa, 1956.

Norman Blamey by Lynda Checketts 1992.

Charlie George, Giants of Football by Jason Thomas 1971 (Charlie has also written an autobiography).

Ballad of Charlie George by Leon Carr 1976.

I Wish I Could Play Like Charlie George by The Strikers & Selston, Bagthorpe Primary School Choir (1972).

The Charlie George Calypso by Stephen North & The Flat Back Four (1995).

The Only Cockney Rebel (That Meant Anything To Me Was Charlie George) by The Half Time Oranges (1998).

I wish I could Play Like Charlie George & The Charlie George Calypso by The Football Attic (2012).

Dilemmas of Liberal Democracies: Studies in Fred Hirsch’s Social Limits to Growth edited by Adrian Ellis & Krishan Kumar 1983.

Albert Irving: Life to Painting by Paul Moorhouse 1998 (Albert has also written an autobiography).

Me, My Dad and Moorgate (2006) Channel Four documentary about Laurence Marks.

Indian’s Colonial Encounter: Essays in Memory of Eric Stokes edited by Mushirul Hasan & Nasagani Gupta 1993.

Poems by Mair and Beram Saklatvala by Jones.

‘Trevor Hartley’ edited by Iosias Jody 2012

Logos Islamikos Studia Islamica in Honerem Georgii Michaelis Wickens by Roger M. Savory & Dionisis A. Agus 1984.

Bob Wilson: Anchor Man by Half Man Half Biscuit, 2001 (Bob was a former teacher).

‘South Bank Show’ about Laurence Marks’ career as a scriptwriter

Richard Balyuzi

Trusts & Grants officer: End Child Prostitution, Child Pornography & Trafficking of Children for Sexual Purposes, pension Trustee: Action For Children

Eric Brannan

Rotarian District Governor for Greater London

Alan Caulfield

Founder of Wiltshire 4×4 Response later part of Wessex 4×4 Response became committee member & CEO, Disaster & Humanitarian Relief

Charles Fellows

Chairman of local Probus

Stan Geering

Chairman Ely Royal British Legion

John Gottesman

John Gottesman

Community Liaison Officer – Colchester and District Jewish Community

Bob Griffiths

Bob Griffiths

Director, Trustee Hartcliffe & Withywood Community partnership

William Hensley

William Hensley

Director: Woodgreen Animal Shelters Godmanchester

Ben Hooberman

Ben Hooberman

Board member Minority Rights Group International and Article 19

Thomas Howes

Thomas Howes

Scout District Commissioner Swansea Central

William Hucklesby QPM

William Hucklesby QPM

Patron: Hughes Syndrome Foundation

Brian (Ned) Kelly

Brian (Ned) Kelly

Worked with charities to build schools and medical aid posts in various parts of Nepal.

Ian Kelly

Director Theodora Children’s Charity, Butchers & Drovers Charitable Institution, Highgate Cemetery Ltd., Friends of Highgate Cemetery Trust

Trevor King

Trevor King

Leader 1st Theydon Garnon Scouts, Epping

John Knott

Director, Trustee & Treasurer Families in Focus (Essex), Director Chelmsford Community Transport, Chelmsford Environment Partnership, Director & Trustee Chelmsford Council for Voluntary Service, Director International Voluntary Service, Chelmsford Star Co-operative party

Bill Meehan

President of the Maldon & East Essex Scout District, Assistant Essex County Commissioner for Venture Scouts, Scout Movement Silver Acorn and Silver Wolf awards

Frederick Pyne

Trustee of five charities connected to the acting profession, helped raise £25,000 for two hospitals for the disabled, through personal appearances or arranging them with other Emmerdale Farm crew members

Fred Rason

Fred Rason

Development Manager Haringey Volunteer Centre, Centre Manager at Volunteer Centre Waltham Forest

David Rose

Managing Director St. Helena Hospice Colchester

Bernard Sheridan

Bernard Sheridan

Secretary: War On Want

Graham Tassell

Graham Tassell

Helmsman for the RNLI (Gravesend lifeboat)

Bob Wilson (former teacher)

Bob Wilson

Founded the charity ‘The Willow Foundation’.

David Brynmor Anthony

David Brynmor Anthony

(former teacher – member of the board of the Forward Movement of the Presbyterian Church of Wales, elder Pembroke Terrace Presbyterian Church, Cardiff)


Rev. Alfred E. Fost BA, MA

Minor Canon at Gloucester Cathedral, Priest Vicar at Chichester Cathedral, Vicar of Burpham, Sussex.

John Gottesman

John Gottesman

Chairman Provincial Council of Jewish Deputies, Chairman Colchester Synagogue.

Rev. K. McFarlane Harley

Congregational Church Minister.

John Houghton

John Houghton

Church Leader.

David L Maier


Rev. Peter Pearmain

Rev. Peter Pearmain

Baptist Minister in Kirby Muxloe 1963-77, 2013, Canterbury 1977-87, New Milton 1987-1997, Bushy 1997-2002, Central Baptist Association

Rev. Stanley Sharpe

Baptist Minister in East Anglia.

Rev. Reginald E. Simpson BA, BD


Rev. Geoffrey H. Taylor

Baptist Minister in Worcester, Dewsbury School Captain 1948-9.

Rev. Alan Tetlow

Rev. Eric A. Way BA


Norman Wheatley

Chairman St. Giles Christian Mission.

Jazzie B

(Beresford Romeo OBE)
Entrepreneur – listed first in the Business category of the 100 Great Black Britons list, 2002

Robert Cairns

Financial Director, The Metropolis Group of Companies, Aviom Properties & Investments Ltd

Alan Caulfield

Director, WEL Medical

Brian Chandler

Director Morgan Chambers

John Chandler M.Ph., C.I. Biol., M.I. Biol.

MD Exosect Ltd., Southampton Univ. technology spin out company, pest control science

Leopold R. Dawe (Tubby) F.I.B.

Mark & Peter Fitzpatrick (Construction)

Chris Dallimore M.R.I.C.S.

John Divata

Director, Ronson

Dr. Howard Garelick


Stanley Gates

Divisional Manager ICI Ltd

William Hensley

General Manager International Electronics Company, Chairman Huntingdon Chamber of Trade & Commerce

Thomas Howes

World President, Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

Thomas Howells

World President, Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

David Lake M.A.

Director: Countrywide Porter Novelli Ltd. Public Relations

Harry Levy


Fred Lingren O.B.E.


Tony Mann

Director of Oceana Group (Holdings) Ltd

Laurence Marks

Founder Alamo Productions

David Matthews

Group MD, French Multinational

Trevor Meboroh-Collinson

Managing Director, London Stock Exchange, Global Relationships

Bill Meehan

Company Installation Manager, Antenna Systems Divisional Manager, Divisional Manager Broadcast Division Marconi Ltd.

Michael Mendison

Vice President, Canadian Aerospace & Train Manufacturer

William G. Nursaw F.C.I.S., A.C.H.

Insurance Investment Consultant

Sir Leslie Porter

MD, Chairman, President Tesco

Jeff Powell

MD, B19 Data Solutions

Reg Pritchett

MD Live Events Production

John Roberts

Market Research Companies

Stan Rogers

Director, Mining Company in Africa

Peter Rowe

Director, Rowe Associates, Fellow of the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors

Dr.Raymond Rowe MSc.,PhD

Owner/Director of Apercu Limited and Execair Cargo Services Limited, London City Airport, Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute

William Rowe BA Hons Dip Arch ARB


Geoff Seago

Vice President Emirates Technical Innovation Centre, Dubai

Bernard Sheridan

Sheridan’s Solicitors

James E. Smith

Senior Partner, Trundles

Dr Peter F. Todd CChem FRSC

Senior Research Scientist, ICI

Roy Walker

Operates the world famous ‘Jenny Wren’ canal boat and restaurant on the Regents Canal

Edwin Warwick

General Manager Toronto International Airport, Terminal 3 Project

Norman B. Wright

Chief Executive: Software Company

M. N. Goldberg F.C.A.

F. K. Dingle F.C.I.S.

F. G. Whittington A.A.C.C.A.

Reg Nicholson

John Sullivan

Robert Cairns F.C.A.

Michael Larner F.C.A.

John Gottesman F.C.A.

Peter Monahan F.C.A.

Stanley Whiteman F.C.I.S, A.P.M.I.

George Flower

Reginald Taylor

Ernest Riley B.Sc., F.S.S., F.C.I.S.

Phil Cowley

Thomas Howes

World President of the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

Dr. Chee Fai Tang

Analyst Programmer EDS

Mike Folley

Brian Chandler

Director of Morgan Chambers

Dr. Howard Garelick

set up Comshare International hardware timeshare, later developing financial modelling packages

Pete Joseph

Website designer, consultant industrial archaeologist, digital typesetter, former ICT lecturer

John Fitch


Geoff Swallow

Master Foreign Going Certificate 1969, given Command in 1974, Port Agent in New Zealand

Eddie Arram

Appointed by Secretary of State of Culture & Heritage to serve on the Libraries & Information Commission.

Frederick ‘Dickie’ Bird

Chief Executive Officer Agricultural Research Council

Peter Le Cheminant

Private Secretary to Prime Minister Harold Wilson, Head of Economic Secretariat, Cabinet Office, Second Permanent Secretary Management & Personnel Office, Cabinet Office 1983-4, Under Secretary Department of Trade & Industry, Deputy Secretary Department of Energy.

Jim Collins

United Nations, New York: Chief of Asia & Pacific Division, Office of Project Services.

Howard Embleton

Finance Director, British Forces Post Office Agency.

Albert Jack Filer

Director General of Works & Under-Secretary at Ministry of Works

Herbert Roland Hodges

Principal & Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Labour

Mr. Jack

Neil Martin

Staff of the Deputy Chief of Defence, Ministry of Defence

Bill Meehan

Base Commander, Admiralty Bay, King George Island, Antarctic (Falkland Islands Dependencies), Sergeant, Signal Office, War Office.

George Monger

Cabinet Office Secretariat & Under Secretary at Treasury

Brian Orchard

Diplomatic Service

Derek Piper

Assistant Secretary, Ministry of Defence

Kenneth Ridehalgh

Senior Executive Officer (Chief Telecommunications Supervisor), Post Office

Denis Steel

Assistant Secretary, Board of Trade & Department of Trade

Edwin Warwick

Dept. of Transport, Canadian Government

George A. C. Witheridge

Assistant Secretary, Munitions Supply, War office

Arnold Vincent Miller

Higher Executive Officer, Ministry of Housing & Local Government

Anthony Allen

Labour Councillor, Hackney 1991-97

Eddie Arram

Conservative Councillor, Croydon 1981-to date, Mayor of Croydon 2012, Chairman of Library Museum and Arts Committee 1986-1994,

John Barnes

Labour Councillor, Islington 1978-82

Paul Barnes

Private Secretary for Member of House of Lords

David J. Davies JP

Mayor of Islington 1975-6

Howard Embleton

Conservative Councillor, Haringey 1986-90

William Hensley

Conservative County Councillor, Huntingdon & Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire County Council, 1997-2004

Lord McCarthy

Labour Spokesman on Employment in the House of Lords 1979-97, Advisor to Secretaries of State for Employment

Ken Patton

Labour Councillor

Henry Albert Price

Conservative MP West Lewisham 1950-64, member of London County Council 1946-52

Flt. Lt. Percival W. Davis MC BA (Cantab) IFS

Arthur W. H. Field MBE

Royal Army Ordnance Corps

Peter Gourri

Squadron Leader RAF Volunteer Reserve Training

Stuart Hamer MC

Major Thomas Howes MC

Royal Fusiliers

Lt. Commander Sidney Hutchison

Paul Lumley

Lt. Commander Royal Navy

Neil Martin DFC


Bill Meehan

Indian Signals, 4th Infantry Division Signals, X Branch (Palestine), War Office: Sergeant Signal Office.

Alun Morgan OBE CBE

Air Commodore, Royal Air Force

Lt. Colonel Vic Oehl MC

Les Piper

RAF Squadron Leader

Philip R. S. Spettigue MC

Lt. Col. Bernard Spiers

Royal Army Ordinance Corps

Major William A. C. Stone MC

The Royal Artillery

David Theed

Royal Navy

Peter F. Todd

Royal Army Educational Service

T. Trohear MC

The Sherwood Foresters

Joseph M. J. Verwyeren MM

Harold F. Ward MC

William (Willy) Webb


Major Stanley J. Whiteman

Royal Signals

John (Remi) Adefarasin

O.B.E. 2012 (services to Television and Film)

F. V. “Dickie” Bird

OBE 1969 (services as Chief Executive Officer Agricultural Research Council),

Allen T. Brockman

Headmaster Sir George Monoux School, also had a Sixth form College named after him

Professor Dennis Deletant

OBE 2005 (services to British Romanian relations)

Dennis Ellam

MBE 1977 (Civil, services as Secretary of National Federation of Wholesale Grocers & Provision Merchants),

Arthur W. H. Field

MBE 1946, (Military, Royal Army Ordnance Corps, for meritorious service)

Jack Filer

CB 1954 (services as Under-Secretary at Ministry of Works)

Herbert Roland Hodges

OBE 1939 (Civil, Principal at Ministry of Labour) CBE (Assistant Secretary Ministry of Labour)

Commander William Hucklesby

QPM 1985 (Fraud Squad CID)

Sidney Hutchison

M.V.O 1967, C.V.O. 1976, Librarian, Hon. Archivist, Antiquary, Secretary Royal Academy of Art

Albert Irvin

OBE 2013 (for services to the visual arts)

Peter Le Cheminant

C.B. 1976, services as Deputy Secretary Department of Energy

Fred W. Lingren

OBE 1967 (services to the RAF Club, Hon. Treasurer)

Lord William Edward John McCarthy

Baron (Life Peer) of Headington, 1976

Air Commodore Alun Morgan

OBE 1978, CBE 1985 (services to the Royal Air Force)

Col. Leonard G. Muller

CBE 1959 (Military, for meritorious service), TD, DL (Commandant of Staffordshire)

Brian O’Kelly (Barney)

OBE 1960 (Military, Combined Cadet Force, for meritorious service)

Prof. Robert A. Pinker

CBE 2005 (Public Services as Privacy Commissioner, Press Complaints Commission)

Sir Leslie Porter

KC 1983 (Chairman & Chief Executive Tesco Stores (Holdings) Plc)

Trevor Beresford Romeo

OBE 2008: services to music

John Sullivan


Peter Clayton

Leopold R. Dawe (Tubby)

Howard Embleton

William Hucklesby

George Ives

Laurence Marks

Ernest Riley

Raymond Rowe

Bernard Spiers

Laurence Marks

P. G. Filer

Chevalier of the Royal Order of the Vesa (Swedish)

Sidney Hutchison

Officer, Polonia Restituta (Poland)
Chevalier, Belgium Order of the Crown
Grand Decoration of Honour (silver) (Austria)
Cavaliere Ufficiale, Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana


Frank Longman Clark

BA Modern History, Jesus College, Oxford


Arthur F. Waskett

BA English, University College, University of London


Herbert Roland Hodges

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London


Leonard Hollingworth

BA History, St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge


John Leonard Lizius

BSc (War), University College, University of London


Ernest Riley

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, London University


Julius Kennard (changed surname from Kleinman)

BSc Engineering, Kings College, University of London


Stanley Frederick Gates

BA Science, Saint John’s College, Oxford

Frank Allen Greenhill

BA History, Exeter College, Oxford

Ernest Rees Jones

BSc Engineering, Imperial College, University of London

Leonard George Wallis

BA History, University College, London

Stanley John Whybrow

BSc (Eco), University College, London


Albert Edward Baker

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London

Maurice Burton

BSc Zoology, Kings College, University of London

Henry Davies (changed surname from Wasserzug)

BSc Engineering Science, Lincoln College, Oxford

John Fuller

BSc Chemistry, East London, University of London

Fred Hall

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London

William James Heasman

BSc Chemistry, East London, University of London

Stanley Augustus Mumford

BSc Chemistry, University College, London

Percival Charles Roylance

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London

Alfred Charles Seitz

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London

Philip Roy Spencer Spettigue

BSc Chemistry, Imperial College, University of London

Harold Ernest Arthur Waring

BA History, Exeter College, Oxford


Maurice Burton

BSc Zoology, Kings College, University of London

William John Church

BSc, Kings College, University of London

Frank Allen Grennhill

MA History, Exeter College, Oxford

Leonard George Wallis

BA History, Christ’s College, Cambridge


Maurice Burton

MSc Zoology, Kings College, University of London

Frederick Stanley Callow

BSc, Kings College, University of London

John Martin Gill

BSc, East London, University of London


Duncan Lyall Burn

BA History, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Bertram Cohen

BSc Engineering, King’s College, University of London

Stanley Frederick Gates

BSc & MA Science, St. John’s College, Oxford


Harold Richard Fawson

BSc, Kings College, University of London

Rowland Edward Ellis Hillier

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London

Melville Himmel

BCom, London School of Economics, University of London

Leonard Alfred Jones

BSc Chemistry, Northern Polytechnic Institute, University of London

Hyman Kaner

BSc, Birbeck College, Univerity of London

Alphonso John A. Lunghi

BCom, London School of Economics, University of London

Desmond Charles Joseph McSweeney

BA Modern Languages, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Maurice James Polischuk

BCom, London School of Economics, University of London

Leslie Arthur Wickert

BSc Maths, St. Catherine’s Cambridge


Eric Robert Dinsmore

BSc (Gen), Kings College, University of London

Alfred Edward Fost

BA Modern Languages, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Leonard George Grimmett

BSc (Sp) Physics, Kings College, University of London

Richard John King

BA History, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Harold Norman Lance

BCom, London School of Economics, University of London

John Henry Morris

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London


William Herbert Bennett

BSc Chemistry, University College, London

Francis Graham Manchester

BA History, St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge

William Samuel John Staples

BA Modern Languages, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Frederick Melville Williams

BA Medieval & Modern Languages, Christ’s College


Duncan Lyall Burn

MA History, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Stanley Ernest Chubb

BSc Natural Science, Queen’s College, Cambridge

Edward Robert Cecil Donati (changed surname to Dartington)

BA Medieval & Modern Languages, Kings College, Cambridge

Leslie John Russon

BA Medieval & Modern Languages, St. Catherine’s College, Cambridge


Alfred Edward Fost

MA Modern Languages, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Frank Sydenham

Pitt Modern Languages

George Albert Childs Witheridge

BA Modern Languages, Christ’s College, Cambridge


Robert James Rackham

BSc Mechanical, Science Queen’s College, Cambridge

William Samuel John Staples

MA Modern Languages, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Ronald Campbell Bennett

MB BS, London


Frederick Philip Hubert Leeming

BA French, University of Reading

Brian O’Kelly

Medieval & Modern Languages, King’s College Cambridge

Edward Ronald Charles Seitz

BSc Geography & Economics, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Ronald William Smith-Stafford

BSc Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Jesus College, Oxford


William Herbert Bennett

MSc Chemistry, University College, University of London


Robert Henry Leach

BSc Chemistry, University College, University of London


Archibald J. Pell

BSc (Eco), London School of Economics, University of London


Robert Henry Leach

PhD Chemistry, University College, London

Ronald Frederick Tarbox

BSc, University of London


Samuel Edward Finer

BA Modern History, Trinity College, Oxford


George Michaelis Wickens

BA Oriental Languages, Trinity College, Cambridge


Armando Scipione R. Cini

MB BS, Guys Hospital Medical School


Neil Hamlin

MB BS, London

Michael Kruger

MB BS, London


Kenneth Albert Brassington

BSc Metallurgy, Engineering, University of Birmingham

Eric Thomas Stokes

BA History, Christ’s College, Cambridge

John Massey Crook

BA Medieval & Modern Languages, Trinity College, Cambridge


Alan Albert Mitchell

BA History, Jesus College Cambridge

Eric Thomas Stokes

MA History, Christ’s College, Cambridge

Frederick Greville Smith

BA English, Queen’s College, Cambridge


William Edward John McCarthy

Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Merton & Nuffield College, Oxford

James Albert Bradley



Stanley Gerald Heritage

BSc Chemistry, Exeter College, Oxford


Eric Thomas Stokes

PhD History, Christ’s College, Cambridge


Edward Roitt

BSc Biochemistry, Exeter College, Oxford

Edwin Warwick

BSc (Hons) Engineering, Birmingham University

Michael Corum

BA (Hons) History, Leicester University

Frank Watson

BSc Chemistry, Brasenose College, Oxford


Eric Montgomery Andrews

BA Modern History, Exeter College, Oxford

Bryon George Alfred Blackwell

BA History, University of Leicester

James Edward Collins

BSc Civil Engineering, University of Southampton

Maxim Bruckheimer

BA (Hons) Mathematics, University of Southampton


Raymond Hardman

BSc Maths, University of Southampton

George William Monger

BA History, Jesus College Cambridge


Leslie Robert Frost

BSc Geography, University of Leicester


Colin Haswell Sutton

BA French Exeter, College Oxford

Peter Louis Girolami

MB BS, Kings College Hospital

Maxim Bruckheimer

PhD Mathematics, University of Southampton


Keith Smith

BSc Electrical Engineering, University of Southampton


Jack Koumi

BSc Maths, University of Southampton

William Edward John McCarthy

PhD Philosophy, Politics & Economics, Merton & Nuffield College, Oxford

Robert Arthur Pinker

BSc Sociology, London School of Economics, University of London


Peter Frank Todd

Chemistry, Emmanuel College, Cambridge


Jack Koumi

B.Sc. Mathematics University of Southampton


Howard Garelick

BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Sir John Cass College, University of London

Peter William Norey

BSc (Hons) Mathematics, Sir John Cass College, University of London

Robert Arthur Pinker

MSc (Econ), London School of Economics, University of London

John Nicholas Swingler

BA (Hons) Jurisprudence, Magdalen College, Oxford

Michael Corum

BSc Economics, London School of Economics, University of London


Alan George Flook

BSc Maths & Physics, University of London

Anthony John Kelly

BSc (Special) Geography with Geology, University of London

Peter Clive Sims

BSc (Hons) Geography, Portsmouth College of Technology, University of London


John Chandler

BSc (Hons) General Science (Biology & Chemistry), West Ham College, University of London


Richard William Deletant

BA (Hons) English, Leeds University

Peter William Norey

PhD Fluid Dynamics, University College London, University of London


Howard Garelick

PhD Quantum Physics, Westfield College, University of London

William Hardiman

BA History, Nottingham University

Douglas Tasker

BSc (Hons) Physics, City University


John Stanley Houghton

BD Theology, Philosophy & Ethics. London Bible College, University of London

Anthony John Kelly

MSc Geography, University of London

John Mulrennan

BA (Hons) Geography, University of Durham

Geoffrey Young

BSc (Hons) Zoology, Portsmouth Polytechnic


Robert Leslie Hartley

BSc (Hons) Psychology & Geography, Sir John Cass College, University of London

Claude De La Peyre

BSc Zoology, Portsmouth Polytechnic

Barry Edward Tylee

BSc (Hons) Chemistry, University of Kent


Alan George Flook

MSc Physics, Polytechnic of North London (CNAA)

Stavros Kallis

BDS (Dental Surgery) Turner Dental School, University of Manchester

Jack Koumi

B.Sc. Psychology Birkbeck College, University of London

Frank Watson

MSc Chemical Physics, University of Surrey


John Chandler

MPhil Entomology as Applied to Public Hygiene, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine


David William Jones

BSc (Econ) University College, University of London

David Lake

BA Philosophy, Politics, Economics, St. Peters College, Oxford

Paul L. Ehioze Idahosa

BA (Hons) Philosophy, University of Wales

Paul Coffman

BA English, Hatfield Polytechnic (CNAA)

Peter Clive Sims

MSc Hydrogeology, University College, University of London

Ronald Kenneth Butler

BSc Electronic and Electrical Engineering, UMIST


Paul L. Ehioze Idahosa

MA Philosophy, Warwick University


Joseph William Brock

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Art History, Complementary Studies, Hornsey College of Art, Middlesex University

David William Jones

MSc Economic History, London School of Economics, University of London

Issac Pizer

BSc (Hons) Sociology, University of Leicester


Christopher Turner

BSc Biology, University of York


Christopher Turner

MSc Biochemical Engineering, University College, University of London

Robert Leslie Hartley

PhD Psychology Institute of Education, University of London

Anthony John Kelly

MEd Education, Birmingham University

Michael Corum

MA History, Sussex University


Frank Watson

PhD Crystallography, Birbeck College, University of London


Leslie Arthur

BA (Hons) Fine Art, Newcastle Polytechnic, University of Northumbria (CNAA)

Peter Henry George Joseph

BSc (Hons) Geology, Birkbeck College, University of London


Stavros Kallis

B.Med/Surgery MBBS, Charing Hospital Medical School, University of London

Peter Henry George Joseph

MSc Mining Geology, Camborne School of Mines (CNAA)

Trevor Meboroh-Collinson

BA (Hons) Business Studies, Middlesex Business School


Andrew Constantinou

BSc(Hons) Computer Science, Kingston University

Richard John Elgar

BA (Hons) English, University of Ulster

Alun Morgan

BSc (Hons) Economics & Politics, Bath University

Thomas Youlden

B.A. Economics, Kingston Universit


Paul L. Ehioze Idahosa

PhD. Political Science, University of Toronto

Thomas Youlden

M.Sc. Economics, University College, University of London


Kirit Solanki,

BSc (Hons) Physical Sciences and Computing, South Bank University

Frank Watson

BA (Hons) (General Studies), Open University


Chee Fai Tang

BSc (Hons) Physics, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of London


Chee Fai Tang

MSc Applied Optics, Imperial College of Science, Technology & Medicine, University of London


Raymond Rowe

MSc ‘Decision Making’ – Applied Psychology at London Guildhall University


Mehmet Hussain

University of Wesminster

Robert Henry Collins

BSc (Hons) Applied Social Science, University of North London


Peter Henry George Joseph

MSc Industrial Heritage Management, University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines)

Frank Watson

BA (Hons) Hispanic Studies, Birkbeck College, University of London


Robert Henry Collins


Chee Fai Tang

PhD Engineering Science, Wolfson College, Oxford


Raymond Rowe

PhD ‘Systems Science’ – City University, London


Ryan Michael Moriarty

BA (Hons) Geography, Leeds University.


Andreas Dakoutros

LLB (Hons) Law, Queen Mary College University of London

Danuel Geelan

BSc Media Studies, Middlesex University

Ronald Kenneth Butler

MSc Engineering Management, Loughborough University.


Andrew Dakoutros

MLaw, University College, University of London

Isaac Pizer

MA Humanistic Person Centred Psychotherapy, Sherwood Psychotherapy training Institute, University of Derby


Samir Patel

BA(Hons) Philosophy, Politics Economics, Essex University

David Matthews

BA (Hons) Art History, Open University


Joe Brock

PhD Computer Science, Goldsmiths College, University of London

Samir Patel

MSc Economics, Trinity College, Dublin


Frank Watson

LLB Law, Open University




David Aaronovitch

Chairman of ‘Index on Censorship’ human rights organisation

Owusu Abebrese


Janak Bakrania


John Bohuszewicz


Allen T. Brockman JP

Chairman of the Bench

Francis Cheney




Andrew Dakoutros


Malcolm Donabie

Mike Duffy


Peter Gourri

Commercial litigation lawyer

Ben Hooberman


Stephen Inskip

Lawyer with Islington Council; commercial litigation manager, Islington Council

Noor Lodhi


Alun Morgan

Independent Inspector on Lord Chancellor’s Panel

Olubambo Olusola


Bill Meehan

Magistrate, King George Island, South Antarctic

Ken Patton


Derek Piper JP

JP (Magistrate, Chairman of Richmond upon Thames Magistrates Bench 2009-10)

J. H. Price BA


Bernard Sheridan

Solicitor, human rights, civil liberties, entertainment

John Simmonds

Solicitor, Bankruptcy Registrar High Court 1993-2011

Nicholas Swingler


Commander William Hucklesby QPM

Commander William Hucklesby QPM, Head of the Anti-Terrorist Squad 1982-4, Operational Head, and Deputy Head of Flying Squad & Central Robbery Squad at Scotland Yard, Commander of C13, Commander of Fraud Squad, Commander of Interpol and the Serious Crimes Branch of Special Operations at New Scotland Yard, Home Office Advisor on Prisons

David Cronin

Sergeant, City Police

Chris Lee

Richard Dixonn

Glen Bakerr

Brian Charlton

Micky Wright

Bernard Gravett

Dino Costantinou

John E. Aggar

Prof. Robert Pinker

Chairman Central Westminster Police/Community Consultative Group

Thomas Howes

Special Constable City of London Police

Ben Aaronovitch

Scriptwriter of 2 ‘Doctor Who’ series 1988-9, ‘Casuality’ 1990, ‘Jupiter Moon’ 1990, 1996, ‘Dark Knight’ 2001, ‘Blake’s 7’ audio dramas (c-authored 2009, first assistant director: ‘Clinic’ 2003, appeared in ‘Doctor Who: Thirty Years in the Tardis’ 1993, ‘Endgame’ 2007, ‘Davros Connections’ 2007, ‘Back To School’ 2007, ‘The UNIT Dating Conundrum’ 2011)

David M. Aaronavich

Broadcaster, BBC/Channel 4 Presenter, BBC Radio, Executive Producer ‘The Blair Years’ 2007, documentaries ‘No Excuses For Terror’ 2006, ‘Blaming The Jews’ 2003, ‘God and the Politicians’ 2005, won Orwell Prize for political journalism 2001, What the Papers Say ‘Columnist of the Year’ award 2003)

John (Remi) Adefarasin

Cinematographer/director of photography for feature films: ‘Truly Madly Deeply’ 1990, ‘The Hummingbird Tree’ 1992, ‘Captives’ 1994, ‘Emma’ 1996, ‘Sliding Doors’ 1998, ‘Elizabeth’ 1998, ‘Onegin’ 1999, ‘Arabian Nights’ TV 2000, ‘The House of Mirth’ 2000, ‘Band of Brothers’ TV 2001, ‘About A Boy’ 2002, ‘Unconditional Love’ 2002, ‘The One and Only’ 2002, ‘Johnny English’ 2003, ‘The Haunted Mansion’ 2003, ‘In Good Company’ 2004, ‘Match Point’ 2005, ‘Scoop’ 2006, ‘Amazing Grace’ 2006, ‘Elizabeth; The Golden Age’ 2007, ’Fred Claus’ 2007, ‘The Pacific’ TV mini series 2009 and over 40 other TV films/series including ‘Sleepers’ 1991, ‘Wild Eyed and Legless’ 1993, ‘Cold Lazarus’ 1996, and numerous other films as part of camera crew (see, nominated for: BAFTA TV 1989 (film cameraman- ‘Christabel’); BAFTA TV 1993 (Film/Video Photography- ‘Memento Mori’); ASC Award 1999 (‘Elizabeth’); Camerimage Golden Frog Award 2000 (Onegin); Chicago Film Critics Asso. Award 1999 (‘Elizabeth’), Chiotrudis Awards 1999 (‘Elizabeth’), Emmy 2002 (‘Band of Brothers’); won Camerimage Golden Frog Award 1999 (‘Elizabeth’); nominated for Oscar 1999; won BAFTA Film 1999 (won Best Cinematography for ‘Elizabeth’); won British Society of Cinematographers: Best Cinematography Award 1999 (‘Elizabeth’),

Jazzie B

Hosts own Radio programme ‘Back 2 Life’ on BBC Radio London 94.4, ‘Pop Year 2002’ Sky One, ‘Jamie’s Dream School’ 2011, appeared on numerous radio and TV programmes

John Barber

Editor East Herts District ‘Ward Times’

George Binyon

Sports Journalist: The Sun, Sports Editor: South London Press, Editor: Goldsworth News

Allan Burnett

Theatre stage lighting engineer Finsbury Park Empire and other theatres

Bruce Burnett

Holistic Health

Bill Blunden

Editor on over 30 Feature Films: Sound Editor ‘Help’ 1965, Editor: ‘Shalako’ 1968, ‘The Mind of Mr. Soames’ 1969, OOH…You Are Awful 1972, ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’ 1974, ‘The Bawdy Adventures of Tom Jones’ 1975, ‘Warlords of Atlantis’ 1978, ‘All Quiet On The Western Front’ 1979, ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ 1980, ‘Intruders’ 1992, ‘Me & Kid’ 1993, ‘Ellen Foster’ 1997, ‘Legalese’ 1998, nomination & winner of Emmy Award

Bernard Chibnall

Film Centre Ltd

Peter Clayton

Managing Editor of British Museum Publications, consultant on archaeology for 5 publishing houses, Discovery Channel, TV and Radio programmes

Martin Connolly

Chief Engineer Channel 4, Sony Divisional Director

Frank Rubens Ellis

British & Dominion Films

Lee Embray

LWT Broadcast Engineer

Keith Fisher

Sports TV Presenter

John Fitch


Andrew Flaherty

ITN News

George Gerwitz

Executive Producer, ‘Boon’

Steve Goggin

BBC Journalist Sheffield

Gary Hailes

Regular slot ‘Hailes Horrors’ on Steve Allen show on LBC

Bob Hartley

Documentary director: Channel 4, BBC, winner British Film Institute Award, ‘Silver Hugo’ at Chicago Film Festival, ‘BBC Documentary Award’, ‘International Documentary Association Achievement Award’, directed ‘The Cassel’, ‘From Russia With Laughter’ Channel 4 documentaries, ‘Shutdown’ BBC, ‘Streetchildren’ UNICEF, ‘And I Was Such A Lovely Baby’ NFTS, researcher ‘Shine On Harvey Moon’ 1994, BAFTA jury member 1997

Bill Hensley

Director of GEM FM & Huntingdon Community Radio, seeking a full time licence, Chairman Hinchingbrooke Hospital Radio

Frederick G. Hirsch


John Houghton

Author, broadcaster, founder member of Wessex Writers

Ronald Hynd

Film: ‘Galileo’, TV productions: ‘The Nutcracker’, ‘The Merry Widow’, ‘The Sanguine Fan’, Festival Ballet, choreographer ‘Sound of Music’ 1981

Albert Irvin

‘A Feel For Paint’ 1983, ‘Off The Wall Awards’ 1968, 1975

Brian (Ned) Kelly

Cameraman and producer, BBC and TWW (ITV), won the best Category Award at the International Trento Film Festival in 1967 for ‘The Magnificent Mountain’. Director on ‘African Safari’ 1970. BBC Natural History Unit Producer for 21 years. Worked on ‘Life On Earth’, ‘The Living Planet’, ‘The Voyage of Charles Darwin’, and part of production team on ‘Life in the Freezer’. Veteran of many mountaineering expeditions, involved in making documentaries about Everest expeditions in 1971 and 1975.

Jack Koumi

Senior Producer BBC Open University

Leo Long

Film Company Executive

Laurence Marks

writer/producer: ‘Birds Of A Feather’, ‘The New Statesman’ 1987-1992, ‘Shine On Harvey Moon’ 1982-5, 1995, ‘Goodnight Sweetheart’ 1993-9, ‘Minder’, ‘Auf Weidersehen Pet’, ‘Snakes & Ladders’, ‘Mr. Sunshine’ 1986 (ABC US), ‘Roll Over Beethoven’ 1984-5, ‘So You Think You’ve Got Troubles’ 1991, ‘Love Hurts’ 1991-3, ‘Relative Strangers’, ‘Holding The Fort’ 1980-3, ‘Dirty Work’ 2000, ‘Get Back’ 1992-3, ‘Roots’ 1981, ‘Unfinished Business’ 1998, ‘Starting Out’ 1999, ‘Bullseye’ 1990, ‘Young Gifted & Broke’ 1989, ‘The House That Jack Built’, ‘Believe Nothing’ 2002, ‘Mosley’ 1998, ‘Wall Of Silence’ 1993, ‘Mumbai Calling’ 2007, Theatre: ‘The New Statesman’ (West End Theatre), writers musical ‘Dreamboats and Petticoats’ 2009 (West End Savoy Theatre)& ‘Save The Last Dance For Me’ 2012, ‘Von Ribbentrop’s Watch’ 2010, ‘Birds of a Feather’ theatre tour 2013, Radio Plays: ‘Dr. Freud Will See You Now, Mrs. Hitler’ 2007, ‘Playing God’ 2005, ‘My Blue Heaven’ BBC Radio 4 2006, ‘Dr. Freud Will See You Now, Mrs. Hitler’, ‘My Blue Wedding’ 2007, ‘Von Ribbentrop’s Watch’ Radio 4 2008, ‘Grey Expectations’ Radio 4 2009, BAFTA Committee member, nomination & winner of BAFTA & Emmy Award 1988, nominated Best New Musical Laurence Oliver Award and Annual Awards 2010, McTaggart Lecture at Edinburgh Television Festival

Alex Martin

Dancer in film ‘The Red Shoes’

Bill Meeham

Writer for magazines, won Winchester University Writers Conference first prize for ‘Slim Volume, Small Edition’, and ‘Short Story’, 2011.

Chris Miller

Director, Eastenders, former cameraman

James New

Post Production

Kim (Kyriakos) Nicolaou

Radio Presenter/Host Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation, Programme Controller Radio Mega, Film-maker: Winner of the ‘Manx Prize’, MC for shows

Barry Purchese

Writer ‘Grange Hill’, ‘Byker Grove’, ‘Minder’ 1979, ‘Casualty’ 1986, ‘Throwaway’ TV 1996, ‘Junk’ TV 1999, ‘Midsomer Murders’, ‘The Bill’, ‘The Paradise Club’, ‘Boon’, winner of BAFTA 1999 for ‘Best Schools Drama’, and winner of a ‘Broadcast Award’

Taksin Hakki Salih

BBC engineer

David Slingsby

Senior Sound engineer, BBC

Bernard Smith

BBC German Service

Kirit Solanki

BBC Information Systems Engineer

John Stammers

BBCi Kent Poets Corner, Poets Team University Challenge, Editor Magma Magazine

Richard Turner

BBC broadcast jazz and classical guitar performances.

Prof. Peter Wilmore

Sky At Night

Roger Wotherthon

Financial journalist

Eric E. Tucker

Financial Times

C. Gordon Tether

Financial Times

Ernest Beha

Daily Despatch

Maurice Burton

Daily Telegraph 1949-90, Illustrated London News 1946-64, TV presenter

Ron Solomon

Cyril F. Ubsdell

Financial Times

Ernest Riley

Exe. News of the World

L. Button

Edward C. Gayler

Financial Times

Dudley S.F. Winn

Daily Express

Norman B. Wright

Financial Times

Duncan Burn

The Times, Industrial Correspondent 1946-62

Steven Vines

Guardian, President Reading University

Bill Meehan

Writer for ‘Yours’ & other magazines

Keith Fisher

Sports Editor Sunday Mirror, TV Presenter

George Robb

Evening Standard

Denis Piggott

Assistant Editor, Daily Telegraph Magazine

F. Jackman

Arthur J. Brooker

John Drew


Anthony Drummond

Derek Garner

Daily Mirror

Frank Francelli

Fred G. Hirsch

The Economist

Thomas Jones

Japan Times & Mail

Professor Robert Pinker

Acting Chairman of the Press Complaints Commission, Privacy Commissioner & Council Member Advertising Standards Authority

Geoff Foster

Financial Journalist, Daily Mail

George Binyon

Sports Journalist, The Sun

Paul Scott

Financial Journalist, Irish Times

Phillip Reynolds

Magazine Publisher

David Aaronvitch

Journalist, The Observer, The Guardian

Laurence Marks

Journalist, Sunday Times/freelance, Sunday Telegraph ‘Prudence Harbinger’ diary

Peter Clayton

Managing Editor British Museum Publications

Bruce Burnett

Travel & holistic health journalist, won 4 PATA Gold Awards for travel journalism

Alex Martin

Wrote for Dance Publications

Philip Jackman

Journalist in Canada

Norman Fost

News of the World

James Curran

Norman Allen


Douglas Albert Raoul Aufranc

M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P. (Lond), L.D.S., R.C.S. (England)

Doctor and dentist, advisor for the Good Health Association

Oscar Baldomero

Anatomical prosector Dept. of Surgical Anatomy, Basel Cantonal Hospital, Electron Microscopy Technician, Royal College of Surgeons 1975-81, houses & curator of the Professor Arthur von Hochstetter anatomical collection

Oliver Beccles

Pharmacy Technician Barts Health NHS Trust

Dr. Ronald Campbell Bennett

MB BS London 1931, MRCS Eng., LRCP Lond 1929 (St. Bartholemews Hospital)

GP Wroxham, Norwich

Dr. Wai Cheong Chau,

Registrar, Dunstable Hospital

Bob Collins

BSc (Hons), DipSW, PGCE, DipHyp, DipNLP, DipCMT, Dip Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy, FET Prac.

Smoking Cessation Consultant (CBT).
Professional Registration with: GHR; MAEPH; PBH; FHS; GSCC.
Hypnotherapist and psychotherapist

Dr. Peter Louis Girolami

MB BS London 1960, FRCS Eng. 1966, MRCS Eng., LRCP Lond. 1960 (Kings College Hospital)

Surgical Registrar Hillingdon Hospital

Dr. Neil Hamlin

MB BS Lond 1946, MRCS Eng., LRCP London 1937, (University College Medical School), DCH Eng. 1947, MRCGP

Paediatric Registrar General Hospital Halifax

Deepak Harkishindas

B.SC. M.A.

Social Work lead North East London Foundation Trust

Dr. Stavros Kallis

BD.S (Manchester) 1973, M.B.B.S Lond. 1985, F.D.S. RCPS Glasgow 1980

Maxillo-Facial Surgeon, Appolonia Hospital, Nicosia, Cyprus

Dr. Michael Kugler

MBBS London 1946, FRCS Eng. 1954 (Guys Hospital Medical School)

Orthopaedic Surgeon N.W. General Hospital Toronto

Charles Muoria

HR Shared Services Officer, HCA Healthcare UK, responsible for on-boarding and compliance of all Clinical and Non-Clinical staff for Wellington Hospital, The Harley Street Clinic, the Princess Grace Hospital, the Portland Hospital, Joint Ventures, HCA Laboratories and other outpatient facilities.

Dr. Oluwole Olusola MD

Psychiatrist in Owensboro, Kentucky

Professor Toyin Okitikpi FRSA

Member on the Mental Health Review Tribunal; General Medical Council Fitness to Practice; Nursing and Midwifery Council Fitness to Practice; Health and Social Care Researcher/Consultant; Senior Social Worker London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham, Social Worker London Borough of Brent; Neighbourhood Social Worker London Borough of Islington; Residential Social Worker (Children and Families), London Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

Isaac Pizer MA

Psychotherapist with The Sherwood Psychotherapy Training Institute (SPTI.) and The United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP)

Dr. Dharmeratnam Rajkumar

RAF Pilot Officer Medical Branch

David Rose

Managing Director at St. Helena Hospice, Colchester

Moses Schwab

Dentist practice in Southgate 1942-82

Dr. Armando Scipione RCini

MB BS London 1945 (Guys Hospital Medical School)

Senior House Surgeon Staffordshire General Infirmary

Prof. Harold Sterndale

MB BS MD MRCS Eng. (Middlesex Hospital) LRCP FRC Path

Emerson Tabima

Recruitment Officer Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust

Augustus Kahn MA 1907-1912

Frederick Robert Hurlstone-Jones OBE MA 1912-1946

Ronald Gill BA 1946-1951

Richard J. King MA 1951-1953

M.W. Brown MA 1953-1960

C. F. Lewis BA 1960-1973

D. C. D. Potter BSc 1973-1977

George Riga R. de Spinoza BSc 1977-1981

Michael J. Cahill 1982-1986

Paul Smith BPhil FRSA 1988-1997

Dr. John Hudson BSc MSc DIC MPhil PhD 1997 to 2004

Bob Hamlyn 2004 to 2015

John Dixon 2015 to 2018

Alan Streeter 2018 to date

Fred Lingren,

Sidney Hutchison,

George Ives (Vice Chairman)

Mark Fitzpatrick

E. R. C. Seitz (Bill)

Arthur W. H. Field (Archie) MBE BSc

Leslie J. Russon

Richard J. King (Headmaster)

Cyril Streatfield

Trevor Hartley

Bill Davies

Maurice Stone

Phil Harris

Mike Hendon

Ron Bunyon (Senior Lab Technician)

A. R. Ahier


H. Jim Ritchie

Harold ‘Haggis’ Brown

Gordon. C. Clarke

John Howard Price

Alan S. Brockman

Theo Crabtree

Tom Rolfe

E. Ted Griffiths (Bunny)

Peter Norris

F. R. Hurlstone-Jones OBE

Alf Goldsmith

G. Louie Watt

C. F. Lewis

Donald Arthur Tunbridge

British 50km Road Walking Champion 1952

Brian Holland

British Insurance Champion 800 metres 1973, 1974

Basil Collins

Highgate Harriers Cross Countr

Brian Buchanan

Mr. Universe NABBA Overall winner 1984; won Mr. Universe NABBA Tall 1984; Mr. Universe Pro NABBA Champion 1995; NABBA World Champion Pro 1984; European Champion WABBA Tall 1982; 2nd WABBA World Championships Pro 1984; 2nd World Pro Championships IFBB 1988; 2nd Mr. Universe Pro Championships 1985; 2nd US Grand Prix Pro IFBB 1988; 2nd European Junior Championships WABBA 1981 & many other Body Building Championship titles, Magazine Cover ‘Iron Man’ Sept. Vol. 48, No. 9, 1989

Luigi Leo

South East Division Amateur Boxing Champion 1990, Captain of England Team at the 1990 Multi Nations Boxing Tournament in Sweden; Coach: Olympic, World Championship & Commonwealth Games boxers; Barbados National Boxing Coach and Team Manager at the 1999 World Amateur Boxing Championships in Houston USA; Team Manager England Amateur Boxing Association 2003; Trainer at the Trojan Boxing Club

Arnold Ralph Cooperman

Won Gold Medal at Commonwealth Games Sabre Event in 1962, British Amateur Champion at Sabre 1960 & 1964, Senior British Fencing Champion in the Foil Event 1951, represented Great Britain in Empire Games

Trevor Hartley

National Coach: Singapore, Malaysia, Manager: Bournemouth, Coach: Spurs, Luton (X2), Sunderland, Coach: England 1990-1993 (Graham Taylor era)

Terry Burton

Terry Burton Manager: Wimbledon, Assistant Manager: Cardiff City, Watford, First Team Coach: Sheffield Wednesday, West Bromwich Albion, Coach: Arsenal, Wimbledon Under 21 Manager: Arsenal, Technical Director: West Bromwich Albion.

Jay Bothroyd

Muangthong United Thailand, Queens Park Rangers (21 appearances, 2 goals), Sheffield Wednesday, Cardiff City (134 appearance 45 goals), Wolverhampton Wanderers (37 appearances, 23 x sub, 13 goals), Charlton Athletic (25 appearances, 21 x sub, 5 goals), Blackburn Rovers (7 appearances, 6 x sub, 1 goal), Stoke (4 appearances, 3 x sub), Arsenal, Perugia (Italy Serie A, 22 appearances, 16 x sub, 7 goals), Coventry (56 appearances, 26 x sub, 17 goals), & an England Cap (1 x sub, v’s France 1-2 defeat 2010), an England Under 21 Cap, (1 x sub, v’s Mexico 3-0 win 2002, scored goal), 2 England Under 20 Caps, 2 England Under 18 (v’s Belgium 3-2 win, v’s Poland 0-1), 2 England Under 16 Caps, England Under 15 cap (v’s Belgium 4-2 win, scored 2 goals);

Steve Walford

Assistant Manager: Bolton Wanders, Coach: Republic of Ireland, Head Coach: Aston Villa, Celtic, Leicester, Norwich, Wycombe Wanders, Assistant Manager: Sunderland,

Chris Ramsey

Coach: England Under 20, Tottenham Hotspur, Charleston Battery (Eastern Conference, South East Division, A League), Player/Coach: Naxxar Lions Maltese 1st Division, Cocoa Expos United Soccer Leagues USA, Tottenham Hotspur Academy: Asst. Academy Manager, Head of Player Development, U16 Coach, U18 Asst. Coach; Asst. Coach England U16, Luton, scout England (Kevin Keegan era)

Tommy Youlden

Coach: Chelsea Academy, FA Tutor Trainer and London

Mike Kennedy

Class 1 Referee

F.A. Trophy Final 1985 Wealdstone v Boston

A.F.A. Senior Referee

Tony Mann

Class One, refereed at Wembley

Peter Friend 2002 & 2003

Paul Roberts 2004

David Allen 2005

Brian Burns 2006

Alan Spaul 2007

Brian Holland

Owner, ‘Shift A Game’ hurdler & 3 other horses

Graham Tassell

World Championships

George Robb

(soccer, Helsinki Olympics, 1952, scored goal against Luxembourg in 5-3 defeat)

Donald Arthur Tunbridge

(15th in 50km Road Walking, Helsinki Olympics 1952)

Arnold Ralph Cooperman

(Fencing Team: Foil Individual, Sabre Team and Individual Melbourne Olympics in 1956, Sabre Team and Individual and Foil Team and Individual (5th) in the 1960 Rome Olympics), Sabre Team and Individual, Foil Team and Individual in 1964 Toyko Olympics)

Albert Reginald ‘Reggie’ Knight

7th in the Plain High Diving Event & 11th in the Fancy High Diving Event in the 1924 Paris Olympics & 8th in the Highboard Diving Event in the 1928 Amsterdam Olympics).

Alfred Goldsmith

(former teacher) Gymnastics. Standard bearer for the British team in the 1948 Olympics

Sidney Ahmet

Headteacher, school in Croydon

Robin Allen

Educational Psychologist Birmingham

Leslie Arthur

Principal Lecturer & Teaching and Learning Coordinator, School of Architecture, Design & the Built Environment, Nottingham Trent University: short-listed for the The Times Higher Educational Award for Most Innovative Teacher of the Year in 2009, awarded NTSU Outstanding Teaching Award in 2012, received the International Lecturer of the Year Award at the Escola Polytecnica superior d’ Enginyeria de Villnova la geltre in Barcelona (voted by students) in 2012, shortlisted for the International Sir Misha Black award for the Global Contribution to Design Education at the Royal College of Art in 2013

Wayne Bickell

English teacher in Japan

Bryon Blackwell BA


Joe Block

Chair of Governors at a school in Hertfordshire

Michael Brandon-Bravo

ILEA Inspector

Allen T. Brockman (former teacher)

Headmaster Sir George Monoux School

Mike Bunyan

Former pupil became Head of Art at Holloway, Deputy Principal at Highams Park School, Chingford.

Maurice Burton

Biology teacher in 1920s

Ron Buzzing

Lecturer teacher training college

Albert J. Cattle

Hele’s School, Exeter

Ronald J. Clark

Uttoxeter; Rochester Secondary School

Bill Clarke (Hon. OCC Member)

Rector of Galashiels Academy, Chief Inspector of Schools for Scotland, London Director of Schools Services in Islington)

Peter Clayton

Member Education Committee of Council of British Archaeology, written GCSE texts

Paul Coffman B.A.

English teacher in South West

Stephen Coventry

Headteacher, Educational Consultant

Barrie Davis

Teacher in Sussex

Edward R. C. Donati (changed name to Dartington)

Highgate & Kings School, Canterbury

Paul Doyle

Head of Physical Education in a London School

Richard Elgar

Policy Officer, Education Dept. Camden Council

Howard Embleton

Chair of Governors George Green Secondary School, Isle of dogs, Vittoria Primary School, Islington

Adebowale Fashola

Teacher of History & Social Studies, Nigeria

Cyril G. Ferguson

Alan Flook B.Sc. M.Sc.

Ofsted Inspector

Rev. A. E. Fost

Inspector of Church Schools

Leslie R. Frost

Charles Fullbrook

Teacher of percussion/timpani Watford School of Music (1978-81), Guildhall School of Music and Drama (1987-2001), timpani professor at Trinity Laban (Trinity College of Music), specialist external percussion examiner for Royal College of Music, Trinity Laban, the RSAMD and the GSMD. Chief External Examiner Percussion) for the RSAMD from 2004 to 2007, coach to the London Schools Symphony Orchestra, Earnest Read Organisation, The Independent Schools Summer Course, CUMS Orchestra, UK National Children’s Orchestra, National Youth Orchestra of Spain

John Fuller

Bridgford, Notts, Assistant Divisional Manager Ofsted

Nicky Gardner

Teaches PE

Bill Hardiman

Teacher Manchester Grammar School

Brian J. Heard

Teacher of all aspects of forensic ballistics, forensic firearms and toolmark examinations, gunshot residue analysis and the use of these techniques in criminal investigations at police training establishments

Rowland Hillier

Craig Hinkins B.Sc.

Former Deputy Headmaster, Palace Fields Primary School, Runcorn

Peter Holland

George Ives

Handed Islington Education Services award for Long and Outstanding service in recognition of his 14 years as Governor of the Holloway School

Thomas Jacobs

Physics teacher

Anthony Kelly, Associate Professor B.Sc. M.ED.

Head of Learning Resources City of Birmingham University, Head of Geography City of Birmingham Teacher Training College, Head of Geography Dept. Brooke House Secondary School

Richard J. King

Headmaster Highbury Grove School

John A. Kitchen

Teacher in Essex

Jack Koumi B.Sc.

Teacher trainer Open University, freelance consultant and trainer, in scripting and production of educational media for higher education and teacher training, On executive of nternational Council for Educational Media, on Advisory Committe of, Fellow of European Distance and E-learning Network, member International Council for Distance Education

Allan Lattimer


John Lowe

Secondary School teacher in Sweden

Ronald A. Mackness

Member Cambridgeshire Education Committee

Derek Maguire

Headmaster of Hearnville School

Alex Martin (surname Thompson at Holloway)

Founded the Ballet Guild of Cleveland in 1958 the forerunner to Cleveland Ballet, also the Cleveland Institute of Dance & Cleveland Ballet Centre and taught ballet at Ballet Russe in Cleveland

David Metzger BSc

Senior Physics master, Slough Grammar School, Alleyns School, & in New Zealand

Alan A. Mitchell

Royal Grammar School, Newcastle

Ronald Nutkins

Principal of Wandsworth College

Paul O’Connor

Offers language, intercultural and management training to the corporate world, O’Connor Training Group (Milan)

Brian O’Kelly OBE MA

Headmaster, Chesterfield Grammar School

Rev. Arthur Osborne

Teacher Training, Peterborough area

Denis Pemberton

Tutor, Trainer, Lecturer TutorDen Academy, Peterborough

Dave Pittom

Teacher States Education Department, Jersey

Reginald Pritchett

Physical Education Teacher, taught PE in schools and Pentonville Prison, runs Body Role & Body Communication (Bodycom) courses, workshops Visual Messages Through The Body, clients Microsoft, Nike, Nokia, Unilever, Inmarsat, Coutts Bank

George Robb

Christ’s College Finchley & Ardingley College

Andy Roberts

Director of Islington Education Committee, Director of Education Wokingham

Harold A.D. Rudd BSc FRZS MRIPHH


Leslie J. Russon B.A.

Dulwich College, Head of Modern Languages Winchester College

George Sale

Chemistry teacher

Leslie George Saunders

Head of Teaching Staff Division London County Council

Frederick G.(Freddy) Smith B.A.

Head of English Dept. St. Lukes College, Exeter 1956-1978

Vernon Smith

Teacher in USA

Ronald W. Smith-Stafford B.Sc.

County School, Rhyl

William S. J. Staples BA MA

Paul R. Stringer

Geoff Swallow

Examiner New Zealand Coastguard Education

Geir Nicholas Swann

Maths teacher, Hillingdon

Derek C. Sweeting

Faraday School

Robin Swingler

Educational Psychologist Birmingham Education Authority

Geoffrey Taylor

Teacher in Dewsbury, member Dewsbury Education Committee

Keith Taylor

Art teacher, lecturer Trent Park College

Edmund Tillotson

Department of Fine Art, Reading University 1965-1973, Wimbledon School of Art 1967-1973, Farnham School of Art 1970-1971, 1973-2006 Sunderland University 1973-2006, Visiting Lectureships: Brighton Polytechnic 1970-1982; Falmouth School of Art; Wimbledon School of Art; Newcastle University; City Literary Institute, London

Peter F. Todd ARIC

Royal Army Educational Corps, Army Apprentice School, Chepstow

Frank Watson

Chemistry & maths teacher, Witney Grammar School & Dorchester High School, Boston, USA

Michael Welch

Teacher, Lambeth College

A. J. Wilkins


John Wilkins

Deputy Headmaster at school in Wellesden

Jimmy Wong B.Sc.

Chief Executive, Hong Kong Overseas Studies Centre

Chris Xenophontos

Maths teacher at William Ellis School, Highlands School Enfield

Paul Yates BA BSc

Teaching in Sussex

Tommy Youlden BA (Hons), MSc

Economics teacher at University College School, Hampstead